Lightweight Flexible Rubber Boots


Designed for outings in lowlands, these flexible boots allow easy movement across muddy and clay terrain.

The lightest model amongst our rubber boots, whose comfort is provided by a 4 mm thick insole, an absorbent lining and a volume suitable for long distances.

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Product benefits



1.72kg in UK size 8 (EU 42) whereas the average weight is 1.90 kg.

Fitting comfort

Fitting comfort

4 mm thick insole, with ultra-absorbent lining.



Outer sole with 5 mm tread for good grip in the mud.

Easy dressing

Easy dressing

Very flexible boot with an elastic lining making them easy to put on.



Dual-hardness sole to better cushion from the impact of the ground while walking

Technical information

Ultra-lightweight boots, designed for walking across lowland environments without a feeling of tiredness in the legs.

When walking across expanses of wide open lowland, for example, it is not uncommon to walk many miles behind your dog when hunting pheasant or partridge. Hunters therefore need to be wearing light boots, which allow them to move across muddy terrain without the weight of these boots becoming a limitation. That's why our hunting engineers have developed this rubber model – the lightest in our range.

How can your boots ensure optimal comfort when you go out hunting?

With a weight of 1.7 kg in UK size 8½ (EU 43), which is less than the Aigle Arnay boot, the design of these hunting boots is based on Solognac's exclusive new rubber formula, which has proven itself with the Renfort 900 boot. And what about comfort? Comfort is provided, at the arch, by the 4 mm thick insole, as well as by an ultra-absorbent lining that dries very quickly (useful when hunting at the beginning of the season in the heat or in high humidity).

Optimal grip made possible by developing a new sole

Depending on your region, hunting in lowlands is often associated with beetroot fields, whereas in other regions enthusiasts may be moving across clay soils. So the grip must be excellent. For example, our teams have designed an outer sole (specific stud design and height) to help sticky mud come off the boot. For this, our designers took into account the opinions of our testers in order to develop distinctive grooving.

Rubber boots that remain resistant to vegetation

Our 500 Light boot (especially on the lower part and instep) provides resistance and protection against the low vegetation that can be encountered when hunting in lowlands. 100% rubber sole. This new formula has been specially developed in collaboration with an advanced laboratory so that you can enjoy peace of mind on your hunting expeditions and have no trouble following your companion tracking the scent of a hare or a rabbit.

To make sure your boots last and stay flexible, follow our maintenance advice

We know you can't wait to try out our boots. To keep them in good condition, clean after each use with water and/or Ph neutral soap (avoid using hard brushes or abrasive sponges). Then wipe them with a cloth or leave them to dry in a well-ventilated place away from heat sources. Store upright and not folded to avoid the rubber wearing down or cracking at folds.

How to protect your boots

To protect your rubber boots all year round, we recommend using a silicone-based spray on the upper (boot restorer spray available on the website) a few times a year. The silicone creates a protective layer between the outside and the rubber, making it is possible to extend the lifespan of the product. Store boots upright, away from humidity, preferably in a dry, well-ventilated place.

Additional information by size: weight per pair, total height and internal height of the boots

UK 6½ (EU 40): 1.525kg; height (tot. : 41cm; int. : 37.5cm)
UK 7 (EU 41): 1.589kg; height (tot. : 41.5cm; int. : 38cm)
UK 8 (EU 42): 1.653kg; height (tot. : 42cm; int. : 38.5cm)
UK 8½ (EU 43): 1.717kg; height (tot. : 42.5cm; int. : 39cm)
UK 9½ (EU 44): 1.781kg; height (tot. : 43cm; int. : 39.5cm)
UK 10½ (EU 45): 1.845kg; height (tot. : 43.5cm; int. : 40cm)
UK 11 (EU 46): 1.910kg; height (tot. : 44cm; int. : 40.5 cm)

Calf size

UK 6½ (EU 40): 36.5 cm
UK 7 (EU 41): 37.3 cm
UK 8 (EU 42): 38 cm
UK 8½ (EU 43): 38.8 cm
UK 9½ (EU 44): 39.6 cm
UK 10½ (EU 45): 40.4 cm
UK 11 (EU 46): 41.1 cm

Stud depth

6 mm


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 80% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex, 20% Rubber - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Outer sole of 100% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber - Latex Lining and sock of 90% Polyester, 10% Elasthane


In a dry place away from light.

User Directions

Keep away from fire. Dry in the open air.


These boots were put to field trials by our testers: they completed expeditions of 4-5 hours in the field, covering between 12 and 15 km on numerous hunting days in the plains of Picardy and northern France, as well as in the undergrowth of the Gironde, Dordogne and the Camargue wetlands.

Maintenance advice

Rinse in clean water after use. Dry after each usage.

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