Kids’ 3-in-1 Warm Waterproof Hiking Jacket SH100 +3.5°C 7-15 Years

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Vincent, a father, and product designer, created this 3-in-1 hiking jacket with a removable fleece that you can use all year round.

Whether it's slightly chilly, very cold or just rainy, this 3-in-1 fleece jacket has you child covered.

Color: Cinnamon
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Eco designed

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Product benefits


Waterproof 3-in-1 jacket with removable inner fleece jacket.


Waterproof component (28000 Schmerbers) and main seams taped.


Comfort temperature: +1°C 240 g/sqm inner fleece

Limits snow entering

Fleece-lined hood (120 g/sqm). Cuff tightening and elasticated jacket hem.


Made from 70% recycled polyester guaranteeing effective product use.


Option to write your child's name in the jacket collar and in the fleece.


Jacket: 2 external pockets with zip and flaps Fleece: 2 hand warmer pockets

Ease of use

The zips have an easy to grasp zipper pull.

Technical information

How will this jacket keep my kid warm?

We carry out a comparative study in a thermal laboratory in walking conditions in light winds (5 km/h).
The comfort temperature is the calculated air temperature where 70% of users have a "slightly warm" thermal sensation.
For this jacket, it is +1°C.
However every individual feels the cold differently.

How does my jacket protect me from outdoor conditions?

Your jacket is designed with a waterproof outer component that keeps out water and wind (28,000 Schmerbers before washing). To keep you warm in winter you must also protect your extremities (head, hands, feet). The warm, waterproof hood, the tightening at the cuffs and the high collar prevent the cold from entering. Two pockets on the jacket and two pockets on the fleece protect your hands from the cold.

How can I be sure that my jacket is 100% waterproof?

We designed your jacket with a coating on the outer fabric to make it waterproof The resistance of a fabric is measured by the height of a water column in mm (JIS 1092 standard). The higher the water pressure, the more waterproof the fabric. A component with a waterproofing resistance of 20,000 mm resists the pressure of 20,000 mm of water (Schmerbers). Validated in a shower test under 60L/sqm/hour of water which is roughly equivalent to a 2 hour rain shower Test carried out before washing.

What is the meaning of: "Taped main seams"?

The seams of a jacket can be taped to prevent water from entering that area.
Here, the main seams are taped, which matches the seams of the hood, collar, shoulders, armholes and chest.

Kids quickly get their stuff dirty; can you wash this jacket regularly without damaging it?

To ensure the durability of our products, we perform tests on components: resistance to rubbing and abrasion, colour fastness, resistance to repeated washing.

How to preserve the technical qualities of this jacket?

Care products: spray or liquid water repellent treatment in the washing machine. To renew the fabric's water repellent-properties and optimise the garment's performance throughout its lifetime, we recommend using these products on every wash at a minimum.

How do I choose the right kids’ clothing for snow hiking?

To dress properly in winter, whatever your activity, we recommend using the 3-layer principle:
layer 1: The high-tech base layer transfers moisture away from the body to keep your skin dry.
layer 2: The second layer (fleece, sweater) provides warmth and transfers moisture outwards.
layer 3: The jacket protects you from the outdoor conditions: rain, snow, wind.
The whole outfit must be breathable in order to eliminate moisture.


We have incorporated 70% recycled polyester in this product.
What does that mean? As well as being technical, this product has been designed taking into account its environmental impact. In brief: polyester yarn is made from oil. Using recycled polyester is to reclaim and repurpose waste products such as manufacturing remnants or plastic bottles instead of using new oil resources. And that's already a step in the right direction isn't it?


2 years


7-8years/4'-4'2" : 0.62 kg
8-9years/4'3"-4'6 : 0.66 kg
10-11years/4'7"-4'9" : 0.74 kg
12-13years/4'9"-5'2" : 0.83 kg
14-15years/5'2"-5'7" : 0.92 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyester Main lining 100% Polyester Lining 100% Polyester Pocket 100% Polyester Coating 100% Polyurethane


Our team of designers is based at the foot of Mont Blanc, in the Haute-Savoie region (France). All year round, our designers create and develop products that are tested and approved by children in the field. It is our firm belief that the only way to continuously improve our products is to test them under the real-life conditions that you will experience in use.

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 30° max - normal

Do not bleach

Tumble dry - low heat

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


Kids’ 3-in-1 Warm Waterproof Hiking Jacket SH100 +3.5°C 7-15 Years
Kids’ 3-in-1 Warm Waterproof Hiking Jacket SH100 +3.5°C 7-15 Years
Kids’ 3-in-1 Warm Waterproof Hiking Jacket SH100 +3.5°C 7-15 Years
Kids’ 3-in-1 Warm Waterproof Hiking Jacket SH100 +3.5°C 7-15 Years
Kids’ 3-in-1 Warm Waterproof Hiking Jacket SH100 +3.5°C 7-15 Years


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Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of this product is:
30.68 kg CO2e
1 kg of CO2e represents 5km in a petrol car (according to the Base Carbone© of ADEME)
What's the carbon footprint ? We evaluate the environmental impact of all our products. At all stages of their life cycle: from the extraction of the raw material, passing through transport to the plant which transforms them, the transformation, the manufacture, the transport of the finished product, until its use and end of life. Find out more
The environmental note of this product is: D
What is the environmental note? Overall environmental score for this product in comparison to others in the same category. It is calculated based on its impact on the environment (air and water emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of natural resources) at each stage of its life cycle, according to a system managed by ADEME. Find out more