Kid's Waterproof Lace-up Hiking Shoes CROSSROCK - Green 3-5.5


Our hiking designers have developed these shoes for running, climbing, jumping and playing in the mountains. Suitable on all terrains on sunny days.

These waterproof Crossrock shoes will survive all your child’s adventures. You can take them with you on your mountain hikes with confidence that they will keep your child's feet comfortable.

Color: Dark petrol blue / Malachite green
Size: size guide


Product benefits


Waterproof membrane tested in the field and in the laboratory


Rubber sole providing excellent grip and durability


Very protective sole and reinforced upper.


Thanks to an EVA interlayer on the entire length of the foot.


The shoes weigh 281 grams in size 4

Technical information

Sole grip

The grip of our soles is certified.
To be awarded certification, the boots must pass laboratory tests to assess the grip rate on different surfaces (Smooth, Rugged, Dry, Wet).
To validate these tests, we also assess the quality of our soles on the field, in the mountains, by a panel of young testers.

Waterproofing test

Tested both in the lab and real-world usage, this footwear guarantees optimum waterproofing and breathability. First, the shoe is immersed in water while internal air pressure is applied to check that no bubbles form on the surface of the footwear. Next, the boots are fitted to a mechanical arm that simulates walking, half immersed in water so we can test that the inside remains perfectly dry.
For this model, the test lasted the equivalent of 8 km under the conditions mentioned above.

Making waterproofing last longer

A shoe's waterproofing is often undermined by water getting in from the top of the shoe. To keep your feet dry for longer, it is therefore advisable to use a waterproof gaiter or mini-gaiter that will prevent water as well as pebbles, sand, etc. from getting inside through the top. It is advisable to use a waterproof spray several times a year. This restores the original water-repellent properties and prevents staining.

Which size should I select?

For hiking, don't hesitate to get one size larger than your child's usual shoe size. This will ensure optimal comfort on the way down and prevent the toes from banging against the shoe. Tip: keep nails short and, before any descent, check that the Velcro and/or laces are properly fastened to prevent the foot from slipping forward in the shoe.


Allow children to try on both shoes, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. Check two comfort points: the base of the heel and the front part of the foot going down. Avoid all pressure points when trying shoes on.
Gradually start using you shoes during your first few hiking trips to break them in.On the internet, you can print the outline and check the foot length:


Removable insole for faster drying. It can also be replaced by an orthopaedic insole.


Because we are aware that we must act to preserve our playground, Quechua is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its products.
Today, this product is not eco-designed, but we work every day to make it more responsible: eco-design, repairability and sustainability are at the heart of our developments.


Our products will join you on your mountain walks.
As you progress, they age, and some parts can get worn or break.
For more easily repairing your shoes, we provide laces (reference: 8341958) in our stores or online.
Our environmental approach at Quechua also supports making these parts available to you.Don't throw away, repair !


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Upper of 50% Polyester, 50% Polyurethane Outer sole of 70% Rubber - Butadiene Rubber, 30% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Lining and sock of 100% Polyester


Store the shoes in a dry, ventilated place.


Our Decathlon Sportslab laboratory, based in Lille, also contributes to the innovation and development of our Quechua products.
It brings together 4 themes, each with their own area and technological tools:
Body shape (3D analysis in particular)
Movement science
Thermal comfort (with its four climatic chambers)
Behavioural and sensory sciences

Approved By

To meet your requirements, Quechua products are tested in the mountains in conditions you will encounter during your hikes.
Sarah, our Field Test Engineer, as well as a panel of child testers, test the products throughout their development until they’re offered for sale.

Maintenance advice

Hand wash


Kid's Waterproof Lace-up Hiking Shoes CROSSROCK - Green 3-5.5
Kid's Waterproof Lace-up Hiking Shoes CROSSROCK - Green 3-5.5
Kid's Waterproof Lace-up Hiking Shoes CROSSROCK - Green 3-5.5


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