Our golf designers developed this 4-club set to help kids aged 8 to 10 and between 1.25m and 1.40m tall learn how to play golf.

A golf set of 4 clubs that are light and easy to use. Enlarged clubhead designed to make playing easier for kids.

Color: Scarlet red


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Product benefits

Ease of use

Ease of use

Enlarged clubhead to make it easier to position club and get ball in the air



Lightweight clubs make playing easier and more comfortable for children

Ergonomic grip

Ergonomic grip

Markings on grips, making hand placement easier

Technical information


1 driver
1 7/8 iron
1 9-iron/PW
1 putter
1 dual strap tripod bag
1 wood cover

(For information, a sand wedge and a hybrid are available, sold separately).


Driver: 14°
7/8 Iron: 37°
9 Iron/PW: 45°


Driver: 34" or 86.36 cm
7/8 Iron: 30" or 76.2 cm
9-iron/ PW: 29" or 73.66 cm
Putter: 27" or 68.58 cm

The history of the set

We have assembled this set, called Kit, to give beginners the right equipment to learn and play golf.
We have identified three age groups for these sets: 2-4 yrs, 5-7 yrs, 8-10 yrs and 11-13 yrs.
Each product is suitable for the kid's age and height, in other words the club shaft's length, weight and flexibility and lastly grip size.

How to select the right set for your kid?

Choose the set according to the kid's height:
Kid under 110 cm (approx. 2 - 4 yrs)
Kid between 110 and 125 cm (approx. 5 - 7 yrs)
Kid between 125 and 140 cm (approx. 8 - 10 yrs)
Kid between 140 and 155 cm (approx. 11 - 13 yrs)

And lastly choose a set to suit your kid's handedness: Left- or right-handed.

Golf stand bag

- Lightweight bag stand that is very stable when unfolded, non-slip feet
- Straps that can be adjusted at two points
- 1 large pocket with two compartments for golf-balls
- 1 accessories pocket
- 1 net pocket
- 1 handle to easily carry the golf bag
- 4 separate club compartments
-Club covers

Why do our golf clubs have two numbers?

Our project is to make golf easier.
With fewer clubs, so that it is easier to learn how to play.
The most important thing is to be able to perform every kind of stroke.
The driver lets you hit the ball the farthest, the 7/8 iron is for intermediate distances, the 9-iron/PW is for approach shots, and the putter is used to roll the ball into the hole.

To accompany your kid as they learn

We offer a hybrid and a sand wedge, sold separately.
As your kid gains more accuracy and regularity, they will need a hybrid to bridge the distance between their driver and 7/8-iron.
The sand wedge can be used to make lifted or lobbed approach shots and to get out of bunkers.

The INESIS team

INESIS is a team of golf enthusiasts, made up of designers, product engineers, test engineers, modellers, product managers, etc. We design products from A to Z and your feedback and reviews allow us to develop each of our products in a way that makes golf synonymous with pleasure.

Our design centre

Our products are developed and tested in France in our INESIS GOLF PARK design centre, located right in the heart of a golf course. Our development teams are in constant contact with golfers of all ages and levels, allowing them to create easy-to-use products for every golfer.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Clubhead 75% Stainless Steel, 15% Zinc Alloy, 10% Aluminium 6061 Carry bag 100% Polyester Shaft 80% Glass - Fiber, 20% Carbon Fiber Protection cover 100% Polyester Grip 100% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber


Store your clubs in a dry place to prevent them from deteriorating.

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