Inflatable boat tender FUN II PI230V


The FUN inflatable boat tender board from Plastimo is designed for sailing fans who are looking for a stable and lightweight tender for travelling quickly.

With its V-shaped inflatable hull, for stability and reduced weight, and its PVC covering especially selected by Plastimo, the Pi230VB tender is the perfect partner for your stopovers and anchorages.


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Product benefits



Inflatable hull providing rigidity and increased stability thanks to its flaps



Lightweight inflatable tender

Glide performance

Glide performance

V-shaped hull for better handling at sea



Four-layer coating for enhanced abrasion and UV resistance

User comfort

User comfort

Aluminium bench + fastening point to sit in the middle

Technical information

Lightweight inflatable floor

Ideal for regular use, Plastimo's FUN inflatable tender features a lightweight and compact inflatable floor. In addition, its V-shaped hull gives it very good handling at sea. Flaps extend the floor at the back of the tender to assist the craft's acceleration and lift off.

Structure of the FUN Pi230VB inflatable tender

The Pi230VB inflatable tender includes 2+2 compartments. The floats have a diameter of 35 centimetres, and the inflation valves are entirely integrated into the tubes, and are protected and easily accessible.

The material is durable and recyclable

Mehler Texnologies 1100 Decitex Pastel® heat-sealed PVC selected by Plastimo is a fabric specifically developed for inflatable tenders. It is made from a base fabric coated in four layers for outstanding resistance to abrasion, UV and the marine environment. Plastel® fabric is recyclable and manufactured according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. Tenders in the Fun series feature an inflatable Heytex® floor, which ensures perfect rigidity with no distortion.

Maximum load on board and maximum engine size

The Fun Pi230VB tender can carry two adults and one child, with a maximum load of 380 kg.
The boat tender can carry a motor with a maximum power of 3.7 kW or 5 CV.

Dimensions and weight

For the Pi230VB model:

- Overall dimensions: 232 x 135 x 65 cm
- Folded tender dimensions: 107 x 59 x 32 cm
- Weight: 18 kg

The advantages of the FUN Pi230VB inflatable tender

The Plastimo FUN Pi230VB inflatable tender includes an aluminium seat, as well as two tow rings. Furthermore, the tender is delivered with an equipment kit, including: a fuel tank holder, a carry bag, a repair kit, an inflation device, and two paddles.

Tender inflation instructions

Inflate the boat using the pump supplied with the tender. The maximum pressure is 0.25 bar for the boat and 0.35 bar for the keel, 0.60 bar for the inflatable floor and 0.80 bar for the fixed floor. Depending on climate and operating conditions, the pressure should be monitored during boat use to maintain a suitable inflation level. During inflation, maintain a balance of air between air chambers. This will prevent damage to the walls.

Recommendations for using the tender

Every person on board must wear a life jacket. The oars, as well as the repair kit, must always be on board in case of emergency. All loads on board must be distributed evenly in order to ensure the trim of the boat is suitable once in the water.

How to maintain your inflatable tender

Rinse the tender, if possible after each use. At the end of the season, wash it with soapy water or with washing-up liquid. Rinse and leave it to dry before folding it up and storing it in a dry place.

NOTE: DO NOT use a vinyl preserving agent. The chemicals can dry out the material.

Wheel kit available as an optional extra

If required, the manufacturer Plastimo has developed tender wheels suitable for FUN boat tender models. They are simple to set up and make launching easier.

Plastimo, a benchmark player in the boat tender market

For more than 25 years, Plastimo has been designing tenders for the needs of all boaters and rental professionals. Building on customer feedback, Plastimo continues to develop the range by incorporating the latest technologies: for even better safety and ease of handling.


2 years

Product concept & technology


To keep the tender in like-new condition, store it in a cool, dry place and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.

User Directions

Do not use a compressed air source for inflation.

Approved By

The Plastimo tenders smaller than 2.50 m comply with the ISO/CD 6185-1 standard.

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