Horse Riding Cross Country No-Peak Helmet


A comfortable, durable helmet to protect you in the event of a fall.

This horse riding helmet is comfortable to wear and has an attractive elegant and unpretentious look. It combines safety, comfort and ventilation.

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Product benefits

Impact protection

A durable helmet tested and certified according to EN1384:2017 + VG1 standards.

User comfort

Comfortable straps and foam to reduce pressure points.


Redesigned harness for a better fit.

Technical information

Shock absorption:

This helmet has been designed to completely or partially absorb impacts to the rider's head in the event of a fall or violent impact. When an impact occurs, the helmet and/or the padding can deform or break to absorb the energy of the impact. DAMAGE MAY NOT BE VISIBLE, BUT ANY HELMET THAT HAS SUFFERED AN IMPACT MUST BE REPLACED.


Helmet certified to EN1384:2017 + VG1 standard


1 year

Product concept & technology


Store away from heat sources such as heating appliances or the parcel shelf of a car in the sun, as this can degrade the protective performance of the polystyrene padding.


Tested in an independent laboratory in compliance with current regulations.

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