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High-Quality Skateboard Bearings 8-Pack BR500 - Blue


These bearings were specially designed for skateboarding and meet the high standard of durability required by this sport.

High-quality steel bearings with removable rubber end plates for less friction and easy cleaning.For skaters looking for optimal glide performance.

Color: Hydrangea blue


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Product benefits

Glide quality

Glide quality

"Micro Groove Raceway" - improved surfaces for minimal friction



Deep groves to guide and protect balls upon impact

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Easy to clean thanks to the removable end plates that protect against dust

Technical information

Why are these bearings specially designed for skateboards

Every skateboard part should hold up to extreme wear and bearings are exposed to impacts and dust every day. Our bearings were developed with these concerns in mind and are therefore more durable. There is a removable end plate on each side so that you can clean them and increase their lifespan.
The bearings are standard and fit all types of skateboard and longboard wheels.

How to clean the bearings

After skating through water and dirt:
Use the truck to pry the bearings off the wheel so as not to damage them, then carefully remove the end plates without bending them.
Place the bearings in a container and add cleaning solution (acetone or an oil dissolving solvent).
Dry the bearings on a suitable surface.
Once dry, lubricate them with oil.
Finally, replace the end plates and ensure they're in place before mounting the bearings on the wheels.

How to mount your bearings

No equipment is required to mount the bearings.

Place the bearing on the axle of your truck and then press the wheel over it until the bearing is in place on the wheel. Apply even pressure on the wheel to keep the bearing from twisting or contorting.Do the same with the second bearing on the other side of the wheel.
Bearings with end plates on both sides can be installed in either direction.

How to protect your bearings

These bearings are made from metallic parts, which are susceptible to rust. Because of this, you should avoid skating on damp surfaces. Once rusted, cleaning and oiling are still possible but they are not guaranteed to restore the original glide performance of your bearings.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bearing 100% Steel


Ideally, you should keep them on your skateboard.


High-Quality Skateboard Bearings 8-Pack BR500 - Blue
High-Quality Skateboard Bearings 8-Pack BR500 - Blue
High-Quality Skateboard Bearings 8-Pack BR500 - Blue

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