GPS Cyclometer Bryton Rider 320 E


The Rider 320e is a GPS cyclometer with navigation that makes the difference!

The Rider 320e benefits from a built-in GNSS receiver for improved accuracy, navigation, 35 hours of battery life, smart notifications, and 77 functions.


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Product benefits

Parameter measurement

Parameter measurement

Time, distance, speed, ascent, and position. Optional heart rate sensor.



Bluetooth connection.



Up to 16 hours of battery life.



IPX7 water resistance rating.

Technical information

Simply accurate

Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, the Rider 320e is equipped with a high-quality, 2.3 inch optical screen that offers a clear, clean view from all angles for a more enjoyable biking experience. Thanks to its follow track function and turn-by-turn directions, exploring new areas is no longer a hassle; the built-in GNSS system provides the Rider 320e with faster, more precise satellite localisation.

Clean and clear view

The Rider 320e is equipped with a large 2.3 inch black and white screen to offer the best possible visual experience. The high-quality, optically bonded screen provides clear, clean viewing from every angle and is not affected by the surrounding environment. With just a glance at the cycling page, which contains up to 8 kinds of feedback per page, you can easily understand your performance in real time.

ANT+/ BLE sensors

For even more convenience, the ANT+ and BLE sensors work perfectly with the Rider 320e after a simple pairing operation.

Absolute precision

The GPS bike computer on the Rider 320e uses 5 different satellite systems: GPS, Glonass (Russia), BDS (China), Galileo (Europe), and QZSS (Japan) for a fast start-up and much more reliable satellite coverage in all environments, especially when travelling past buildings/trees and even in the mountains.

Supports up to 77+ functions

The Rider 320e provides you with a full set of data to analyse your performance on your rides. It offers more than 77 functions, including Duration, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pace, Altitude, Power, Heart Rate, etc.

35 hours of battery life

If you like long rides, the Rider 320e is for you. It has 35 hours of battery life and can be charged by an external battery while recording.

Pedal support with power sensor

The Rider 320e is also designed for cyclists that use pedals with a power sensor. Just enter the pedal length for calibration to receive accurate power rates generated by the power sensor on the pedals.

Smart notifications

Don't worry about missing an important call, email or text message while you train. The Rider 320e alerts you when you receive calls, emails and text messages, after pairing with your smartphone over Bluetooth.

Customisable data display through the app

Customise your display with the Bryton app! After pairing with the Bryton app you can customise your data fields/screen pages based on your training objectives, directly from your phone over BLE. It is very easy to use.

Automatically syncs with Strava, TrainingPeaks and SelfLoops.

No software needed to convert data files. Training files are automatically saved in FIT format and can be uploaded to popular cycling websites including Strava, TrainingPeaks, Endomondo, Map my Ride, Fit Track, and many others.

Sync with the Bryton app

Enjoy real-time uninterrupted synchronization using the new Bryton app. You can sync your training data directly from the device to the Bryton app over Bluetooth. You can then see your progress with graphical analytics as well as share your outings on social networks.

Dimensions and weight

Width: 49.9mm
Height: 83.9 mm
Depth: 16.9 mm
Weight: 67 g


Display: 2.3" b/w LCD screen. Battery life: 35 hours
GPS: Highly sensitive chip.
Waterproof: IPX7
Alerts: Yes. Riding history: 130 rides. Historical data: 300 hours.
Heart rate zones: 7 Zones.
Operational temperature: -10C° ~ 50C°


2 years

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