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Girls' Breathable Technical Gym Sports Bra S900 - Black/Pink Straps

£9.99 −40%

This bra is designed for doing activities where your child is sweating a lot and the exercises are more intense and sustained.

Seamless construction for more comfort. Lined to make it opaque. Crossover back for an athletic style. Colours designed to match the rest of the range.

Color: BLACK / Fluo coral pink
Size: size guide


Product benefits

Moisture management

Polyamide and polyester to effectively wick away perspiration


Seamless knit that is very stretchy and comfortable

Ease of use

Easy to put on thanks to its stretchiness

Technical information

Why wear a sports bra when doing sport?

We encourage girls to wear a sports bra when doing sport.
All of our sports bras are suitable for gym and other sports activities as they wick perspiration, are stretchy and are shaped to let you move in any direction at all.
This new bra features a seamless design and elasticated crossover straps
Wearing a sports bra is now even more fun!!

The most technical bra in the range? It's all thanks to the seamless construction

What is the seamless technique used for our sports clothing?
Seamless clothing combines technical threads with innovative knitting structures for a unique design that can be put to technical use
We limit the number of seams as they cause discomfort and irritation
The knit makes the garment comfier and lets you move more easily as the material is incredibly supple
We can even incorporate holes in certain areas.

Sports clothing designed for kids and teens aged 6 to 14 172 cm for boys and 166 cm for girls

Our range is designed for sports activities at school or a children's gym.
According to recommendations by the World Health Organisation (WHO), children should do at least one hour of physical activity a day.
The critical role of sport and its benefits for children's development and physical and mental well-being are proven: development of motor skills and agility, self-confidence, and belonging to a group.

What do we mean by educational gym and sports activities?

PE lessons and sports activities allow children to unleash their energy and explore all the physical possibilities available to them: jumping, balancing, stringing together a series of movements, and doing tricks. While mostly practised at school during PE, it can also be practised in clubs or recreationally.

The joys of sport:

Sport offers numerous benefits for both kids and teens, from moving around to having fun and interacting with friends, all while learning how to get along with others!

The Domyos product design process

Our design teams work towards a single objective: providing a perfect balance of perspiration wicking, warmth and stretchiness based on the needs of our young sports users.
Your child will be able to choose their full gym outfit: T-shirt, tank top, leggings, bottoms, shorts, sweatshirt, or jacket.

Find the perfect size for a child or teen

Our sizing for kids aged 6-14 is evolving!
We offer products by indicating the age range and height of the child. We know that there are vast differences in height for children of the same age. Feel free to measure your child to see which model will fit them
We also offer an additional size for ages 14-15: boys up to 172 cm and girls up to 166 cm

Did you know?

Our products are regularly tested and we make changes based on customer feedback.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 85% Polyamide, 8% Polyester, 7% Elasthane


These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.
This garment has undergone washing and drying tests to ensure that it retains its shape and colour.

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 30° max - normal

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


Girls' Breathable Technical Gym Sports Bra S900 - Black/Pink Straps

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