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FTR 990 Frontenis Racket

£69.99 −57%

Our Urball design teams have created this frontenis racket for advanced players looking for control and precision

The racket used by Théo Pucheux, World Championship silver medallist, European champion and French champion. This racket is specially designed for frontenis players who want control and precision

Color: BLACK / Fluo yellow
Size: size guide


Product benefits

Directional control

Head size: 645 sq cm


Weighs just 265 g with a balance point at 328 Inertia: 254 kg/cm².


The High Modulus technology guarantees constant power. Rigidity: 67 RA



Technical information

Grommet suitable for double strings

The grommets are specially made for double stringing, with the option of having 3 double cross strings and 2 double mains strings.

Head size

The 645 cm² head is the smallest in the range, offering the best possible precision and control
More about head sizes:
- Midsize – the smallest: < 625 cm²
- Mid plus – the standard size: 626 - 677 cm²
- Oversize – larger: 678 – 742 cm²
- Super oversize – the largest: > 742 cm²


The compromise between its weight (265 g) and its balance (33 cm) gives the FTR 900T great ball control


Its light weight (265 g) makes it easier to swing and manoeuvre the head
- Handle heavy: <32cm
- Neutral balance: between 32cm and 33cm
- Head heavy: >34 cm


Its 33 cm balance provides great manoeuvrability
The impact of the weight of the racket should always be combined with balance to assess ease of handling

Stiffness (RA)

Thanks to its graphite construction, the FTR 900T has a stiffness (RA) of 67. This means that is can better return energy when hitting the ball, giving you increased power.
To give you an idea:
- Stiff frame: > 64-66 RA- Flexible frame: < 64-66 RA


68.7 cm - standard tennis racket length.

TECHNOLOGY: High Modulus Carbon

This Japanese carbon fibre is one of the stiffest on the market, offering a highly efficient weight to stiffness ratio.
This stiff fibre gives the racket head power and stability.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Racket frame 55% Carbon Fiber, 45% Epoxy Racket handle 100% Polyurethane Grip 100% Polyurethane Bumper grommet 100% Polyamide 11 Racket string 100% Polyethylene Terephtalate Racket end cap 100% Polyamide 11


Avoid major temperature fluctuations.


The FTR 990 racket was designed in partnership with Théo Pucheux and tested by numerous players including some of the best Mexican players.

Approved By

The racket used by Théo Pucheux, World Championship runner-up, European champion and multiple French National champion.


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