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Our freerider designers developed this ski for experienced skiers seeking a freeride ski with a playful character.

Unleash your creativity on each bump. Easy in all types of snow, good pop, the Slash is ideal for pushing it in Freestyle backcountry

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Product benefits



With 100mm at the waist, 2 rockers, it is excellent in up to 30cm of powder snow

Ease of handling

Ease of handling

With a Freestyle base, short radius and pop, the slash is manoeuvrable and fun



Although designed for fun, thanks to the progressive flex, the slash is stable



It grips well on soft snow, hard snow is not its favourite playground



30% groomed slopes and 70% off-piste it is also great for backcountry freestyle!

Technical information

Which skier are you?

If to you a valley filled with snow is like a wave to surf. If to you skiing means creativity, the Slash is your ski. Designed for intermediate freeriders who do not necessarily have a lot of technical skill and are looking for a ski that floats, drifts, jumps, the Slash is for you: it is easy to manoeuvre, easy and playful. We have designed the Slash for intermediate freeriders seeking a playful ski to have fun during long days on the skis.


With a 17m radius, fairly short for a freeride ski, the Slash is perfect for playing on every little bump that the mountain has to offer. It is shaped like a playful ski - the pronounced long and progressive rockers guarantee buoyancy and easy handling in powder snow.

In 165 cm 133/100/124 mm, radius 13 m (in pink only)
In 174 cm 133/100/124 mm, radius 15 m
In 183 cm 133/100/124 mm, radius 17 m (in green only)


Light Woodcore Tec is a designed with a light wood core (Palownia) reinforced with fibreglass for responsiveness and basalt fibres to dampen shocks. The advantage of this construction? It gives the ski pop, particularly useful when you want to use all the little bumps on the mountain to play, jump and slash. It enables the ski to be relatively playful on all terrains and snow.

Tip and tail rubber:

The ski has a rubber insert on the tip and tail. This insert aims to cushion distortion and reduce vibrations caused by the Rockers.


Black sole for easier repairs.
Reinforced topsheet to best resist scratches and semi-cap to prevent scaling.


Ready-to-use waxed and sharpened skis. Edges sharpened at 89°.

What are ski sidecuts?

The sidecut is determined by 3 measurements: the width of the tip (front of the ski), the waist (middle of ski) and tail (back of ski). The wider the tip, the easier the turn entry. The narrower the waist, the stronger the grip in hard snow. The wider the waist, the more comfortable and stable in different snow conditions. The wider the tail, the better the grip exiting the turn. The narrower the tail, the better the glide.

What is a camber?

On a "rocker" ski, the nose, and sometimes the tail, comes off the ground much sooner than with a cambered ski. This moves the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The surface of the ski in contact with the snow is shortened: they have better handling and more buoyancy on soft snow. When leaning into turns, the edge length offers more grip on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the better the handling of the ski.


Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker, Twintip shape.
Sizes available: 165 cm/ 174 cm (183 cm only in green)
In 165 cm 133/100/124 mm, radius 13 m
In 174 cm 133/100/124 mm, radius 15 m
In 183 cm 133/100/124 mm, radius 17 m


In 165 cm, ski only: 1,735 g
In 174 cm, ski only: 1,870 g
In 183 cm, ski only: 1,965 g

Choice guide:

If you are a Freeriding beginner, the Rookie will be your ski.
If you already enjoy off-piste skiing, your choice will be between the Patrol and the Slash.
The Patrol is for those who love serious skis that grip and are versatile, whereas the Slash is for those who prefer super-playful skis.
Powder chasers will be delighted with Pow Chasers on their feet.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Board 45% Wood, 20% Polyamide, 20% Glass - Fiber, 10% Steel, 5% Polyethylene


the Slash skis have been tested on snow by over 30 passionate freeriders. Their strength has been put to the test in long-term trials under the feet of mountain professionals as well as two members of the skipass community, for over 45 days during the 2019/2020 season.

Approved By

The Slash was designed by Decathlon's freeride team working with passionate skiers from the community.


Freeride Freestyle Freetour Skis Slash Ski Only
Freeride Freestyle Freetour Skis Slash Ski Only
Freeride Freestyle Freetour Skis Slash Ski Only
Freeride Freestyle Freetour Skis Slash Ski Only
Freeride Freestyle Freetour Skis Slash Ski Only
Freeride Freestyle Freetour Skis Slash Ski Only
Freeride Freestyle Freetour Skis Slash Ski Only


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