FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)


Starting out in foilsurfing for experienced surfers up to 80kg. Surf in appropriate spots, far from other surfers. Suitable for SUP-foiling and towed foiling.

safer and easier to begin foiling and discover the joys of flying above the water! Protective side stringers. Soft edges at the front and back of the foil and mast.


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Product benefits

Impact protection

Impact protection

Soft edge at front of foil. Absorbs impacts 8 times more than a normal foil.

Ease of learning

Ease of learning

Comes with 2 masts including 1 short mast to get started with complete autonomy.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Stabilised thanks to side stringers. Gradual and low-speed take off.



Teflon BTWIN lubricant purchased separately and applied every session.



Plate suitable for all foil boards with double US-type boxes. M8 fasteners

Content protection

Content protection

Backpack bag. Outer fabric P600 anti-abrasion and 8 mm foam.



OK foilsurfing, SUP-foiling, towed foiling. M not for wingfoiling/kitefoiling

Technical information

Product content

The foil comes in a backpack bag with the following items:
- One-piece hydrofoil (carbon and rubber): front wing 1200, side stringers and stabiliser.
- Aluminium body
- two aluminium masts with soft edges: One 35 cm mast and one 55 cm mast.
- 1 aluminium plate
- 1 M8 Torx fastener set, with tightening tool => foil/board (US) attachment + assembly. For each type of fastener, one spare is included.
- One instruction manual to read before first use

This foil has several features that enhance your safety (and your group's safety) while surfing:

- The soft leading edge absorbs eight times more impact (external laboratory tests).
- The soft edges at the back of the foil as well as the front and back of the mast are confirmed to be “blunt edges” (external laboratory test).
- The side spars prevent access to non-flexible sharp edges, they allow gradual take-off and better stability.
- It is a “low-speed” foil for a rapid take off and controlled acceleration.
- The small mast helps the rider to gradually and easily gain control.

What board should you use this foil with?

For a great first attempt, we recommend to use the OLAIAN 6-foot foil board specially designed for quick learning with this foil: Easy paddling, stability, gradual take off.
This foil can be mounted to all foil boards with double US-type boxes (9 cm spacing), via its universal plate.
The M8 mounting fasteners come with the brass square nuts.
The plate holes have a distance of 9 cm between them widthways and
13.5 cm lengthways.

What spots are suitable for foilsurfing? Note: traditional surf spots are not always suitable.

A good foilsurfing spot is characterised by the presence of waves moving over a depth of water too great for them to break.
The take-off zone must have a few breaking peaks which will help to take the wave and then allow you to get away from the foam while surfing the wave. The foil is not made for surfing foam but only waves, and this is what it was made for. This means you can surf away from other "conventional" surfers, an essential condition for everyone's safety.

What conditions are favourable for foilsurfing and foil SUPs?

As well as a suitable spot, weather conditions are going to play an important role.
For 1st attempts at foilsurfing for riders weighing under 80kg, the ideal conditions are a swell between 1m and 1.8m, a period between 10s and 15s. It is important because it will have a big impact on the power of the wave. If the period is under 10s, the foil will hold up less and heavier riders will fly for less time.
A sea wind will not bother you whereas a shore wind can slow you down during your flight.

Foilsurfing requires an already good level of surfing or traditional SUP.

An advanced surfing level is required: autonomy regarding the choice of spot, weather conditions and associated risks. An ability to read the wave, to anticipate the movements of other surfers and a mastery of basic surfing manoeuvres (acceleration, carves and cutbacks) are required for responsible and safe surfing.
Respecting the right of way and rules of conduct is necessary.
A leash must be used.
More information on foil SUPs on

Foilsurfing remains a dangerous sport. Several precautions must be taken.

Using a neoprene wetsuit, helmet, booties and an impact vest is highly recommended.
Although the foil has elements that can reduce the risk of injury, foilsurfing is still a dangerous sport and learning it requires several precautions. It is highly recommended to get started with a group specialised in teaching foilsurfing.
Carefully read the instructions provided (please keep these) and respect the rules in place.

Key advice for your first time foilsurfing 1/2.

As well as supervised teaching, here is some advice to get off to a good start:
- When starting out, use the small mast to familiarise yourself with the foil. This reduces the size of the equipment and avoids the front of the board sinking into the water if the foil comes up out.
- Place the mast as far back as possible.
- To catch the wave, try a medium-slope wave or foam that is fading away.
- From take-off, your feet must be positioned along the central stringer, back foot above the mast.

Key advice for your first time foilsurfing (next) 2/2

- On take-off, put pressure on the front foot then gradually transfer weight to the rear foot to take off.
- After take-off, put pressure on the front again to stabilise.
- Lock your ankles to keep the board as flat as possible.
- Your face must be pointed towards the horizon and towards where you want to go.
- If you fall, always keep your distance from the foil and never jump forwards (always towards the back and sides), protect your face and head with your arms.

Versatility and uniqueness of hydrofoils: How to select the right foil for you.

Foils have seen the emergence of new types of sports on the water: Kitefoiling, foilsurfing, SUP-foiling, wingfoiling, e-foiling, etc.
Its compatibility with several sports depends on the lift, mast size or even the hydrofoil’s speed range.
Although using it for wingfoiling is possible, it is still not advised with the size M because its lift is too low, which means it needs to be boosted.
Likewise the 55 cm mast is too short for it to be recommended for kite foiling.

To keep in a good condition, you must take care of it. TEFLON BTWIN lubricant is available to purchase separately!

From the 1st use, lubricate the fasteners with the TEFLON BTWIN lubricant provided and repeat between every session. This 125ml tube available to purchase separately (for less than €10).
Completely disassemble the foil after each use. If this is not done, corrosion can cause the fasteners to become stuck and prevent you from disassembling the foil. This is not covered by the guarantee.
Always store the foil flat and never place it vertically on the back part, this risks deforming the soft board.

Dimensions and weight.

4.8 kg +/- 5%
Dimensions (disassembled and stored in its bag): 80cmx70cmx10cm

Contact for more information on this product (pre-order, advice, after-sales service, etc.)

Contact us directly by email: We will gladly respond.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Board fin 35% Epoxy, 30% Carbon Fiber, 25% Glass - Fiber, 10% Foamed Polyurethane Base 100% Aluminium 6061


Store flat in a dry, ventilated place.

User Directions

TEFLON lubricant not included. Purchase separately (125ml BTWIN)


This product has been tested and validated by a panel of foilers of all levels who take part in foilsurfing, SUP-foiling and towed foiling.


To have more informations about this product, consult the notice


FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)
FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)
FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)
FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)
FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)
FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)
FOILBOARD SAFE 500 size M with cover (2 masts included: 35cm and 55cm)


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