FOAM SURFBOARD 900 7’ . Comes with 3 fins.


Designed by our team of surfing enthusiasts for regular surfers looking for a compact board with good size for taking waves easily.

This surfboard with plenty of volume will let you safely surf a large number of waves, even on mushy days. Developed in our design centre in Hendaye on the Basque coast.

Color: Mint blue


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Product benefits


Reinforced foam construction with stringers. Fin boxes included.

Glide performance

Easy-access shape. Reinforced rigid woven base. Dense foam and stringers

Ease of handling

Round tail. 3 soft-edge fins.

Easy assembly / dismantling

3 removable fins. Leash plug.


Wax before use. Base coat + wax. Supplied with rear foot pad.

Technical information


Compact board that lets you get the most out of great conditions. A large board that lets you take off in small waves without the inconveniences of a longboard.


Volume (L): 60
Weight (kg): 5
Dimensions (inches): 7' X 22" 5/8 X 3"
Dimensions (cm): 215 X 58,7 X 7.6


Jeremy Smith (Hendaye)


Polystyrene core with 2 wood stringers. High-quality polyethylene surface. Woven high-density polyethylene base. 3 FCS-compatible fin boxes included.
Regularly tighten the fin box screws.

Safety precautions

Warning: Prolonged exposure to the sun or intense heat can cause detachment of the lining. We recommend keeping your board in shade and never leaving it inside a vehicle.
Regularly tighten the fin screws using the tool provided to keep water out.
If you need to fasten the board to a roof rack, we recommend putting the board in a bag. The strap may damage the rail.


2 years excluding breaking in half, bumps and nicks.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Foam 100% EPP - Expanded Polypropylene Upper Part - Main fabric 100% Foamed Polyethylene Board fin 100% Polyethylene Lower part - Main fabric 100% Polyethylene High Density Structure 100% Wood


avoid high temperatures (e.g.: cars in full sun in hot weather)

User Directions

Avoid prolonged exposure to heat.


Designed and tested by our teams of surfers and designers in Hendaye, France


FOAM SURFBOARD 900 7’ . Comes with 3 fins.
FOAM SURFBOARD 900 7’ . Comes with 3 fins.
FOAM SURFBOARD 900 7’ . Comes with 3 fins.
FOAM SURFBOARD 900 7’ . Comes with 3 fins.


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