Fishing Waders 900 Thermo


Our fishing designers have developed these waders to allow you to stay dry while fishing in water up to the chest, throughout the year.

Through their 4 mm insulating components, these waders provide a lightweight feeling whilst protecting you from the cold.

Color: BLACK / Blood orange
Size: size guide


Product benefits


Waterproof seamless assembly

Puncture resistance

Lower part has reinforced anti-abrasion sections on the shins and knees

Thermal insulation

Made of 4mm neoprene Polyurethane bottles: thermal insulating plastic


Indicative weight size L: 3.400 kg


Cleated sole

Anatomic design

Available in two sizes for EU shoe sizes 42/43 et 44/45

Easy dressing

Adjustable elastic straps with quick attachments

Technical information


Upper part: Neoprene component 4 mm
Lower part: Anti-abrasion neoprene component 4 mm


Injection-moulded polyurethane (PU) boots and soles
ensuring a good insulating lightweight thermal
Suitable for float tube use


. Adjustable elastic straps for improved comfort
. Inner zipped pocket to store your belongings (keys, licence, etc.)
. Rainproof outer pocket to protect against splashes of water and bad weather (do not immerse in water)
. Adjustable belt for a better fit
. Shin and knee reinforcements to improve resistance


Our waders and boots are developed by our teams of engineers and designers in France at Cestas.
In the heart of the Gironde and close to many fishing spots such as the large lakes of South West, Pyrenean rivers and even the Atlantic Ocean, we design, test and improve our products on a daily basis so they are both light and resistant.
Many anglers have therefore tested and approved our waders: team members, customers, and even fishing guides.


All our waders are guaranteed 2 years.
In order to continue to offer you this benefit in the long term, we do not guarantee extensions of use (professional fishing) or damage caused by improper maintenance or use (passage through thorny bushes and barbed wire).
In the event of an accidental tear, you have the possibility of repairing your waders thanks to our repair kits (reference: 8757294 and 8004501, sold separately)


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Rubber - Chloropren - Neopren Boot 100% Polyurethane


Rinse your waders with fresh water
after use and leave them to dry by hanging them up by the boots.
Do not store them in the carry bag.

User Directions

Non-professional use. Avoid thorny undergrowth.


Many anglers have tested these waders in a range of conditions to ensure their watertightness and reliability. They also underwent numerous mechanical tests in the laboratory.

Maintenance advice

Hand wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


Fishing Waders 900 Thermo
Fishing Waders 900 Thermo
Fishing Waders 900 Thermo

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