Fabric Waterproofing Liquid 250ml

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Designed to care for your mountain clothing and maintain high levels of performance.

An essential product for reactivating the water-repellent property of clothing.

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Product benefits

Water repellent

Water repellent

Re-activates the water-repellent property of clothing by dip-coating

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Pure dip-coating without washing

Technical information

Preliminary advice

The water-repellent treatment of technical clothing can deteriorate over time (progressive wear resulting from friction; bad weather).
The Forclaz liquid waterproofing product reactivates the water repellent properties of a garment by penetrating the fabric.
In order to guarantee maximum effectiveness, this treatment must be performed on clean clothing. Consequently, wash the garment beforehand if necessary, taking care to close all the zips and press-studs.


You have two options to choose from!

Leave the garment to soak for 15 minutes in a basin of water at 30°C with 2 capfuls of waterproofing reactivator liquid

Machine washing
Place the garment on its own in your washing machine, without any detergent, and add 2 capfuls of waterproofing reactivator liquid in the softener compartment of your machine. Use a delicate cycle at 30°C or a suitable outdoor cycle if your machine allows it.

Second step: ACTIVATION

Drying using heat activates the water repellent properties.

Line drying option
Leave the garment to air dry and, once dry, apply moderate heat using a hair dryer.

Tumble dryer option
Place the garment alone in your tumble dryer and use a delicate cycle (maximum 30°C) also called "synthetic" or "sensitive fibres" or even "sport".


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Formula 100% Polysiloxane


Store in the original packaging, closed, at room temperature, keep away from frost.

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