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Embroidery Customer Logo: A6 format, 11 or more quantities

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Embroider your personalised logo on your clothesThe embroidery brightens up designs on your fleece, saddle pads, bathrobes, etc. Volume discounts from 11 units

Make your personalisation stand out thanks to embroidery! Any threaded design automatically takes on a premium appearanceThanks to coloured threads, the personalised product is bound to catch the eye!

Legal conditions

Technical information

Standard thread colours available:

- White
- Black
- Gold
- Silver
- Fuchsia
- Parma
- Purple
- Turquoise
- Dark green
- Brown
- Red
- Beige
- Pink
- Royal Blue
- Apple Green
- Orange
- Sky Blue
- Grey

Types of products you can personalise

- Fleece
- Down jackets
- Saddle pads
- Cotton bathrobe
- Judo uniform
- Judo belt
- Cordura dog collar
- Polo shirt

Technical fees

Technical fees can be charged for creating and formatting a logo. Find out more in store


A6 (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm maximum)