Electric massage belt


Want to massage yourself? It's easy! We have designed an electric massager that's easy to use for extra comfort.

Soothe stiff muscles and relieve tension with massages. Your home massager is ideal for your nuque, back, thighs, calves and feet. All you have to do is enjoy it!


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Product benefits


Perfectly suited for massaging the back, calves and neck.

Ease of use

8 rotary heads for effortless massaging.


Heat mode for even more effect.


3 massage speeds and 2 rotation directions

Technical information

Who needs an electric massage belt?

Do less for more relaxation! You find massaging yourself a chore? Not with our massage belt. It is pure relaxation. For recovery after exercise or just for relaxation. Relax from your head to your toes. We are delighted to present our new home massager ;-)

Who is our massage belt designed for?

Everyone! For better recovery to improve your performance. For relaxation. Or both! Good news: our massage belt is suited to all body shapes and sizes.

So how do I use my electronic massage belt?

We recommend you spend 5 minutes massaging each muscle group!
And, to adjust the depth of your massage, you can either use the straps or your own body weight..
The different rotation directions are intended for different muscle groups: down-to-up for your legs and there-and-back for your back.
As to the heating option, it helps to relieve tension in your back muscles.

Want to find out more? Watch the explanatory videos we provide below.

Our electric massage belt is particularly suited to back massages!

Settle into your couch or take a seat at your desk and quite simply indulge in a massage of the upper or lower back. Bonus: heat mode for even more relaxation. It's particularly effective for the lower back.

Is there a user guide for the electric massage belt?

Your massage belt has a cable: it must be plugged in for use. Choose between 3 speeds, 2 rotation directions and a heating option.
4 buttons (on/off, speed, rotation direction and heat) on the strap so you don't have to move the belt to adjust it when massaging your neck.

The belt stops after 15 minutes or in the event of excessive pressure.
Check out our videos for more information ;-)

Precautions for use:

If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor before using the electric massage belt.

Other ways to relax:

For relaxing anywhere, try portable options such as hand or roll-on massage.

Test accessories for improving sleep or wake-up lights, because good rest is vital for relaxation

Some tips for optimising recovery after exercise:

For optimal recovery, try other massage accessories such as balls, batons, sticks and guns, electrical stimulation devices or compression socks.

Nutrition choices can also help recovery. Try recovery drinks and protein bars for example. For more advice, check out the articles at www.aptonia.fr.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Foam 100% Foamed Polyurethane Main fabric 100% Polyester Structure 50% Steel, 50% Polypropylene


Store in a clean dry place away from the light.

User Directions

Read instructions before use.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


Electric massage belt
Electric massage belt
Electric massage belt
Electric massage belt


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