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Elastomer Fork Maintenance

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This service is for maintaining the elastomer fork on your bike.

A service pack that includes cleaning and greasing components and inspecting working order.

Legal conditions

Technical information

Servicing the elastomer fork

Without maintenance, the fork will fall into disrepair at the level of the stanchions and sleeves. Fork maintenance extends its lifespan and ensures good working order.

This service includes:

Dismantling and refitting fork with cleaning and greasing of components.

This service does not include:

This service does not include spare parts in the event where replacements need to be made.

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You need to find a safe place to store your bike: your bike must not be exposed to bad weather, fall or get damaged. So that it doesn't encroach on your living space, either.

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Our workshops are only trained for models sold by Decathlon

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We will send your fork to a Decathlon's regional workshop specialised in performing this service.