Ear Defenders - Black/Red


Ear protection designed for all types of outdoor activities.

These ear defenders can be used in noisy environments. They offer a 26dB noise reduction, come with interchangeable ear cups (black and red), and fold for easy storage.


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Product benefits

Audio efficiency

Audio efficiency

Noise reduction rating 26 dB. Reduce the noise produced by firearms.

Noise level

Noise level

Sound amplification function to hear voices and ambient sounds.

Anatomic design

Anatomic design

Collapsible and adjustable headband (stainless steel).



External J22 audio input. Special cable sold separately.



318 g



Interchangeable ear cups. Two colours (black and red) included

Technical information


- Operates with 2 AAA batteries (included).
- Typical battery life is 600 hours of continuous use.
- Low battery power is indicated by three warning signals, with the interval between the signals decreasing.
- On/Off: the headset shuts off automatically after two hours of inactivity.
- Sound level: the combined sound level of audio and listening input never exceeds 82 dB.


An active intelligent hearing protector, specially developed for recreational shooters and hunters.
The smooth adjustment of the ear defenders' automatic level function for ambient listening gives the user particularly pleasant sound reproduction and less interference. The electronic system works like a contact breaker to protect the user's ears against strong bursts of noise.

How do the earmuffs work?

The earmuffs make a beep when the on/off button is pressed to switch them on and off.
The + / - buttons are used to adjust the amplification volume according to your activity and your environment.

Recommendations for use:

Depending on your activity (shooting, hunting,etc.), the venue (shooting range, lowlands, forest, etc.), you can adjust the amplification volume.
While you need to be able to hear your environment, there is no point in over-amplifying it.
When outdoors, pay attention to the wind, which will create a blast effect in the microphones.

Do not use the earmuffs with the amplification system switched off, as they will not provide sufficient protection.


SNR=26 dB, H=29 dB, M=23 dB, L=16 dB


1 year

Product concept & technology

User Directions

Read the instructions carefully before use.

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Ear Defenders - Black/Red
Ear Defenders - Black/Red
Ear Defenders - Black/Red

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