Disc Brake Pads - Compatible with Shimano Deore/Tektro


Designed for replacing your disc brake pads.

Part-metal pads, the most versatile Compatible with Shimano, Tektro, TRP and the Decathlon Triban RC250 Disc model bikes


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Product benefits


Shimano (ref: B01S), Tektro and TRP

Braking power

Effective even in water and mud.

Abrasion resistance

Sintered material with a high friction index. 2x longer lasting than an organic

Brake control

Guarantees steady braking.

Technical information


1 pair of brake pads
1 spring
metal pin not included

breaking in the pads: essential before starting your ride

You should try braking quickly a few times on a dry, flat, obstacle-free surface. 3 or 4 sets of 10 dry, intermittent stops are enough to break in your pads. Dry braking will wear down the pad a bit.
Release your brakes for a few dozen seconds between each set of stops in order to let them decrease in temperature before starting a new series of 10.

Be careful of glazing

If the problem persists despite several short, dry stops, lightly rub your brake pads with sandpaper.


Tektro: HD-M740 / M730 / M520 / M521 / M510 / M500 / M501/ HD-M290 / M291 / M285 / M286 / HD-T710 / T520 / T530 / T290 / T285 / T525 / MD-M500 / M300 / M280 / MD-C510 / C400

Tektro series:Aquila / Auriga Comp(ws) / Auriga E-Comp / Draco(ws) / Dorado, Orion, Auriga Pro / TKD Btwin

Shimano: BR-M575, BR-M495, BR-M486, BR-M485, BR-M445, BR-C501, BR-M525, BR-M495, BR-M475, BR-M465, BR-M416, BR-M416A, BR-M415, BR-M375

B'Twin: TKD 32, TKD 20, TKD 50, TKD 68



2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 100% Aluminium

User Directions

Do not spray with oil or all-in-one products


This model has been tested and approved in the lab

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