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Derailleur Hanger Straightening or Replacement

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This service is for replacing a broken or twisted derailleur hanger to ensure the drivetrain is in good working order.

Is your bike's replaceable derailleur hanger broken or bent? You should switch it out! If it's built-in, it can be straightened.

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Technical information

1st Tip:

The derailleur hanger helps to ensure the chain catches the rear derailleur. It plays a key role in the working order of the gear shifting mechanism.

2nd Tip:

The derailleur hanger is a component that protects your frame. When the derailleur is subject to an impact, the derailleur hanger can break, but not the frame. We then consider it as bike part subject to wear that might need changing

This service includes:

Removing and mounting the derailleur, replacing the derailleur hanger and adjusting the gears.

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Do not lean bikes against one another or lay them on the ground.

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Straightening or replacement of the derailleur hanger