Clug Road Bike Wall Mount (23-32 mm)


Storing your bike at home with minimal bulk thanks to the world's smallest wall mount.

Small, discreet and so practical!


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Product benefits

Easy assembly / dismantling

Easy assembly / dismantling

Very easy to set up with the anchors and screws provided. Read the user guide

Ease of use

Ease of use

Elegant and simple, it will be fun each time you use it.



Suitable for tyres with a 23 to 32 mm or 1" to 1.25" cross-section.



The soft material will be gentle on your wheel while ensuring good stability.

Technical information


CLUG, Eurobike prize winner, is the smallest bike rack in the world.
You won't believe something so small can work so well, but it's true.

All you need to do is roll your bike and hook it into the mount. It's like a hug for your bike!

Tip from the pros:

To choose your Hornit CLUG and guarantee the best possible fit for your tyres, it is best to measure them yourself, since the manufacturer's dimensions are not always correct. Watch our video on how to do it.
Read the Hornit CLUG user guide carefully for more details about product measurements, assembly instructions, and the compatibility with the screws and anchors provided with your type of wall. If in doubt, please ask a professional.


Mark the placement of your tyre against the wall and read the instructions before installing the Hornit CLUG. At least one tyre should always stay on the ground.
You can install your Hornit CLUG in two ways:
- Vertically - against the wall with the Hornit CLUG holding the front tyre and the back tyre on the ground.
- Horizontally - with both tyres on the ground.

Note that the Hornit CLUG is not designed for hanging up your bike. It doesn't work like that.


Available in three sizes for each bike tyre size (23 to 57 mm), the CLUG can be installed in a few minutes using the provided screws and anchors, to offer superb bike storage.

Store your bike anywhere!

Product dimensions:

Width: 42 mm
Depth: 41 mm
Height: 30 mm
Weight: 19g


Structure: UV-stabilised phthalate-free polycarbonate


2 years


Clug Road Bike Wall Mount (23-32 mm)
Clug Road Bike Wall Mount (23-32 mm)
Clug Road Bike Wall Mount (23-32 mm)
Clug Road Bike Wall Mount (23-32 mm)
Clug Road Bike Wall Mount (23-32 mm)


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