Electric motor designed to provide rear propulsion for a boat in freshwater with 40 lb thrust.

Minn Kota®, is the leading choice for anglers looking for quality. Products offer many benefits: silent approach and ability to operate in shallow water.


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Product benefits

Ergonomic grip

Ergonomic grip

Ergonomic and telescopic handle.

Ease of use

Ease of use

5 forward / 3 reverse gears.

Easy transport

Easy transport

Lightweight / quick mounting (2 clamps on transom mount).

Directional control

Directional control

Telescopic handle for controlling the power of the motor at a distance.



Shaft in reinforced composite. Shock and deformation resistant.

Technical information


- Environment: Fresh water
- Assembly: transom mount
- Thrust: 40 Lbs
- Battery power: 12 V DC
- Attachment system: Lever lock bracket
- Control: 3 reverse gears / 5 forward gears
- Telescopic handle: the telescopic control handle can extend 20 cm with five intermediate positions for comfort and increased control.
- Shaft length: 91 cm
- Prop type: Power prop (anti-algae props)
- Composite shaft


The Minn Kota Classic motor is exclusive to Decathlon.
It is based on the Minn Kota Endura C2 model but without the battery level indicator. This is the only difference between the Minn Kota Classic motor and the Endura C2 motor.
The aim of our Decathlon-exclusive Minn Kota Classic is to offer you an extremely attractive price.


The CLASSIC motor has a mounting bracket with 10 positions, including a rapid-release lock lever.
Two times more resistant than a basic bracket, it is made from a reinforced composite material that resists bending, deformation and UV rays.


It dissipates heat, even under extreme conditions of use. The elements that make up the motor (winding, switch) have been scaled to generate less heat and reduce prop rotation noise, thereby ensuring maximum discretion for approaching the fish, but above all extending the lifespan of the motor.

Understanding the thrust (lbs) of your motor

This is often measured in pounds (lbs) or in kW and not in horsepower like combustion engines. However, an approximate equivalent can be provided:
- 32 lbs / 0.40 Horsepower
- 45 lbs / 0.60 Horsepower
- 55 lbs / 0.80 Horsepower

The more thrust the motor has, the faster its maximum speed will be. However, the speed also depends on the weight and size of your boat.
Example: a 2m30 pneumatic boat (45 kg) will achieve about 18km/h top speed with 55 lbs.

The importance of choosing the correct battery

If you have a powerful motor and a battery that does not meet the requirements of the motor, you will be able to move at a high speed, but only for a very short time.

In fact, the autonomy is dependent on the current consumed by your electric motor and the power of your battery. Example: for an electric motor of 55 lbs consuming 70 A (at top speed) and supplied by a 110 Ah battery, an autonomy of about 1 hr 30 min will be achieved.

Minn Kota | THE BRAND

Since 1934, the Minn Kota® company has been designing electric motors for anglers and is now the global leader on this market. Incomparably reliable, it is possible to see motors that have been in use for more than 15 years without undergoing any maintenance other than a change of prop. Performance and innovation characterise Minn Kota electric motors
The composite shaft shock absorber, the telescopic handles and the anti-algae props are the most striking benefits of these motors.

Benefits of electric motors

- Less maintenance than combustion
- Highly resistant over the long term.
- Lightweight
- Silent motor
- Electric technology is non-polluting
- Easy to use.
- Combustion engines are prohibited on increasing numbers of lakes and stretches of water due to noise disturbance and pollution.


1 year

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Shaft in a composite material. Multi-position mounting bracket in a composite material. Ergonomic and telescopic handle on all the models for controlling the power of the motor and the direction of the boat from a distance. Power Prop propeller. Power of 40 lbs. 2 clamps on the transom mount.


Store in a dry place after rinsing with fresh water.

User Directions

12-volt power supply.

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