Carp-fishing seeds - 5kg bag of cooked mixed seeds

Price per Quantity £5kg

5 kg bag of a mix of cooked seeds (maize, wheat, tiger nuts and hemp seed) designed for baiting and hooking. PVA-compatible mix.

Preparing seeds for carp (soaking, cooking and storing) requires time and space. What's the solution? Our 5 kg bags of pre-cooked seeds (maize, wheat, tiger nuts and hemp seeds).


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Product benefits

Ease of use

Ease of use

Baiting - Hooking - PVA-compatible.

Easy digestion

Easy digestion

Hempseed 15min (then soak 24hr in warm water)/maize 2hr/Tiger 2hr/Wheat 25min



Attractive in the vast majority of fishing situations

Technical information


These 5kg bags of cooked tiger nuts provide a solution for carp anglers looking to save time and increase efficiency for immediate fishing action. No more soaking, no more cooking smells throughout the house, no more time wasted preparing for a session! With our ready-to-use 5 kg bags, all you need to do is head to the water's edge.
A 5 kg bag fits into our 10-litre Caperlan buckets.


Attractive mix comprising: 16% tiger nuts / 34% maize / 16% hemp seed / 34% wheat.

Composition: wheat, corn, hemp seed, tiger nuts, sunflower oil, sodium chloride.

Analytical constituents:
Raw protein: 7.10%
Crude oils and fats: 9.10%
Mineral materials: 5.10%
Crude fibre: 3.60%
Sodium: 15.10%
Moisture content: 40.80%

Net weight: 5kg

Supplementary compound carp feed.
- Approval number: NL211366
Made in the Netherlands.


We follow a rigorous cooking process in order to offer fish highly digestible grains. Here are the details:
- Tiger nuts: 2-hr cook time
- Corn: 3.5-hr cook time
- Wheat: 25-minute cook time
- Hempseed: 15 minutes cook time then 24 hours soaking in hot water to promote germination of the grain.


We recommend keeping the seeds in an airtight container once opened and storing it in a dry place at room temperature. If the container is fully airtight, the seeds may be kept until their Best Before Date. This helps to guarantee the product's organoleptic* properties.

*Properties of a food in terms of its flavour, smell, appearance, colour and consistency.


2 years


5.05 kg


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