Carp-fishing seeds 5 kg bag of maize (cooked grains)

Price per Quantity £3.60kg

These 5 kg bags of maize (cooked grains) provide a solution for carp anglers looking for time savings and efficiency for immediate fishing action

Maize is no longer to be presented for as long as it is used for carp fishing. You can count on it throughout the year in all types of water.


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Product benefits



Maize is effective all year round. A carp magnet!

Ease of use

Ease of use

Hookbait - Groundbait

Easy digestion

Easy digestion

Cooking controlled for optimal digestibility.

Technical information


- Size of cooked grains: 6 to 15 mm

-Composition: yellow maize, monopropylene glycol

-Net weight: 5 kg

- Certification number: NL 211366

-Analytical constituents:
Raw protein: 4.8%
Raw fat: 2.4%
Mineral matter: 2.8%
Crude fibre: <2%
Sodium: 1.8%
Moisture content: 56.8%

- Supplementary compound carp feed.

- Made in the Netherlands.


- No more soaking, no more cooking smells throughout the house, no more time wasted preparing for a session! With our ready-to-use 5 kg bags, all you need to do is head to the water's edge.
A 5 kg bag fits into our 10-litre Caperlan buckets.

- Use restriction: Not PVA-compatible to help it cook better.


We recommend keeping the seeds in an airtight container once opened and storing it in a dry place at room temperature. If the container is fully airtight, the seeds may be kept until their Best Before Date. This helps to guarantee the product's organoleptic* properties.

*Properties of a food in terms of its flavour, smell, appearance, colour and consistency.


2 years

Product concept & technology

User Directions

Not PVA-compatible to help it cook better.

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