Carp Fishing Rod XTREM-9 390


Our engineers developed this rod for the carp angler who want to cast very long distances.

The power of the blank combined with the fast tip action helps you cast your rigs a long way. This is a rod built for long distance casting.


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Product benefits

Rod action

Rod action

The stiffness due to the tip action aids long distance casting



The 3.75 lbs test curve lets you cast lead sinkers up to 130 g more than 150m



When this 100 % HM carbon fibre rod bends, you can feel its great strength



Thanks to our UV headlamp, the MOON CONCEPT tip is visible in the dark

Technical information


- Fast action - Casting weight: 3.75 lbs
- Length 3.90 m
- Dismantled rod length 2.01 m.
- Number of sections: 2
- Weight: 460 gr
- SEAGUIDE starting rings 50 mm, 30 mm, 20 mm, 16 mm, 12 mm, and 12 mm in tip.
- Braid resistant rings / 3 anchor brackets
- Adjustable reel seat
- The tip of the MOON CONCEPT lights up in contact with UV rays (recommended for use with the MOON CONCEPT headlamp)


Known as "fast action". The tip action of X'trem-9 390 allows it to bend through the last third of its length to the tip. The rod's action is reduced, making the main body of these rods quite stiff.

This means that the rod's action is reduced, i.e. it bends less when tension is applied by fish. The advantage is that the stiffness enables long distance casting.


The test curve of your rod is a gauge of two different but complementary characteristics:
- The ability to resist a tension force similar to wrestling with a fish.
-The rod's ability to cast a weight over a certain distance.
The 3.75 lbs power enables you to cast up to 130g beyond 150 m and reel in fish of all sizes with ease.

Carp rod lengths of between 11 and 13 FEET are more suited to carp fishing from the bank


It is often said that the longer the carp rod, the further you can cast.
But it is mainly your size (and your centre of gravity) which determines how far you cast.
For example, if you are less than 1.70 m tall, you will find a 13 foot rod less comfortable than a 12 foot rod. It will shift your centre of gravity towards that upper part of your body.
Which means it will take more effort to use.


The term blank refers to the main part of a fishing rod, made of carbon or fibreglass, for example. For some of our rods we use the term HM carbon (High Modulus). Put simply, the modulus (expressed in tonnes) is the weight to stiffness ratio of the carbon. The higher the modulus, the lighter the blank and the more resistant it is to constraints such as the force exerted by a fish during the fight.

The perfect balance for casting far (Part 1)

To cast far involves two aspects: the material and the technique. Regarding material, the winning combination is:

1. A rod with power between 3.25 and 3.75 lbs

2. Reel: Choosing a reel with a long distance spool is essential to enable the line to release and gain additional meters. .

The perfect balance for casting far (Part 1)(Part 2)

3. The choice between monofilament or braid is entirely a question of personal preference. Whichever you choose, you will need a small diameter such as 28/100 for maximum casting distance.

4. When allowed you can put 3 m of leader of 30 hundredth in braid. As the braid has no stretch, all the energy of the cast will be transmitted via the rod, not taken up by the line.


Before casting, check that the joints are properly assembled. A poorly inserted spigot is the main cause of rod breakage.

Casting with a dry leader increases the risk of breaking your line. To avoid this problem you can moisten the body of the line before casting.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Structure 100% Carbon Fiber


Ensure that your rod is dry before storing.
To extend the life of your fishing rods, remember to remove the lead sinkers before storing the rod in its sleeve

User Directions

Do not use near electrical sources or in storms.


In order to offer you highly technical and reliable fishing rods, our design teams test the equipment in the laboratory. They also test in the field under extreme conditions. Each element is selected to obtain a product that perfectly matches the technical requirements reported by our panel of testers.


Carp Fishing Rod XTREM-9 390

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