Carp Fishing Rod Tripod 500


Developed by our engineers, the Rod Tripod 500 is highly versatile at the bankside, particularly thanks to its compatibility with our buzz bars.

We aim to offer a comprehensive range of rod pods to satisfy the needs of most carp fishers. The Rod Tripod 500 is a versatile and modular rod pod suitable for all types of banks.


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Product benefits


Compatible with our stakes and buzz bars (supplied with 3-rod buzz bars)


Its compatibility with our stakes and buzz bars provides great modularity


The angle of the Tripod can be set to suit the majority of bank types


3 adjustable legs (tripod) for good stability on the banks

Easy transport

Rod pod supplied in a reinforced rectangular case with water-repellent fabric

Technical information


- Weight: 3 kg
- Matte black finish
- Universal screw pitch
- Stability: 3 adjustable legs (tripod)
- Double central bar
- Durability: Aluminium material
- Carry case dimensions: 75 x 20 x 10 cm
- Modular design: Compatible with all of our sticks and buzz bars
- Versatile: Rod pod can be angled up or down
- Hook underneath to anchor the rod pod to the ground if necessary
- Comes with 2 3-rod buzz bars and a reinforced, water-repellent rectangular fabric case


- Feet adjustable from 47cm to 87cm
- Total rod pod height adjustable from 44cm to 80cm
- Length of the adjustable rod pod from 74cm to 127cm
- Maximum height of the buzz bar support: 20 cm


The Rod Tripod 500 comes with 2 3-rod buzz bars and is fully compatible with our entire range of sticks and buzz bars. As such, it could not be easier to modify the configuration of the Rod Tripod 500 by replacing the 3-rod buzz bars with 2-rod or 4-rod buzz bars to suit your needs.


Dyeing fabrics requires a large amount of water and also results in waste water being discharged from its dyeing baths. To reduce this impact on the environment, we opt for bulk dyeing, incorporating the colour pigments at the manufacturing stage of the line. Consequently, this procedure significantly reduces water consumption.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 92% Aluminium, 8% Polypropylene Carry bag 100% Polyester


Carp Fishing Rod Tripod 500
Carp Fishing Rod Tripod 500
Carp Fishing Rod Tripod 500
Carp Fishing Rod Tripod 500
Carp Fishing Rod Tripod 500
Carp Fishing Rod Tripod 500


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