Carp Fishing Rod Pod 500 Compact


The Rod Pod 500 Compact, developed by our engineers, is lightweight and stable, with a compact design. This rod pod is as clever as it is stylish.

We aim to offer a comprehensive range of rod pods to satisfy the needs of most carp fishers. The Rod Pod 500 Compact is an extremely compact and lightweight rod pod equipped with 3-rod buzz bars.


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Product benefits


The lightest rod pod in our range: light as a feather at just 1.26 kg.

Compact design

Its clever opening system makes it incredibly compact.


Can be used in 2-rod or 3-rod mode


4 adjustable feet for excellent stability on banks

Easy transport

Rod pod supplied in a reinforced rectangular case with water-repellent fabric

Technical information


- Weight: 1.26kg
- Matte black finish
- Universal screw pitch
- Stability: 4 adjustable feet
- Strength: Aluminium material
- Carry case dimensions: 63 x 19 x 8 cm
- Modular design: Can be used in 2-rod or 3-rod mode
- Comes with 2 3-rod buzz bars and a reinforced, water-repellent rectangular fabric case.
- Improved opening mechanism to make it easier to open the rod pod: the arms are positioned symmetrically.


* For maximum versatility, the Rod Pod 500 Compact offers 2 different configurations:
- A 3-rod configuration using the 2 3-rod buzz bars supplied
- A 2-rod configuration using just the stakes supplied

* The opening mechanism has been optimised for easier set-up. The arms of the rod pod automatically position themselves symmetrically when you activate the mechanism.


Dyeing fabrics requires a large amount of water and also results in waste water being discharged from its dyeing baths. To reduce this impact on the environment, we opt for bulk dyeing, incorporating the colour pigments at the manufacturing stage of the line. Consequently, this procedure significantly reduces water consumption.


- “Front” feet adjustable from 20cm to 35cm
- “Back” feet adjustable from 18cm to 26cm
- Total rod pod height adjustable from 28cm to 38cm
- Length of rod pod 74cm


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 92% Aluminium, 8% Polypropylene Carry bag 100% Polyester


Carp Fishing Rod Pod 500 Compact
Carp Fishing Rod Pod 500 Compact
Carp Fishing Rod Pod 500 Compact
Carp Fishing Rod Pod 500 Compact
Carp Fishing Rod Pod 500 Compact
Carp Fishing Rod Pod 500 Compact


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