Carbon Archery Arrows for Recurve Bow Tri-Pack Club 700


We designed these arrows for shooting at club level with a recurve bow up to 70 metres.

Are you looking for a sporty looking arrow for shooting at club level with a recurve bow? We have designed this arrow so you can take it along with you on the archery range.

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Product benefits


For archery shooting in clubs up to 70 metres.Shaft straightness: 0.015cm / 61cm


Available in 4 spines: 600,800,1000,1200.

Technical information


Spine 600 / Length 32 inches.
Spine 800 / Length 30 inches.
Spine 1000 / Length 28 inches.
Spine 1200 / Length 26 inches.


WARNING: Before each shot, to avoid any personal injury.
Never shoot with a damaged arrow, inspect shaft and nock.
A damaged arrow can shatter on release and injure you.
Check arrow rest is in good condition and that it will not buckle under the strain of arrow action.Slightly flex arrow shaft and visually check if there are no dents or bumps, or other types of marks.
Switch round the shaft and repeat this step 2 to 3 times.


/!\ Never leave a bow in the hands of a child that is not under constant supervision.
Store the bow and arrows out of reach
/!\ Never shoot an arrow in the air, it can travel hundreds of metres
/!\ Never aim at: a person or animal, the shooting range must be clear
/!\ Inspect your arrow before each shot to ensure that it is in good condition and remove your arrows when no one is behind you.
/!\ Failure to follow safety instructions can lead to FATAL INJURIES


Instantly detachable arrowhead. Break-off limb tip system for weighting arrow.Option to replace the notch.(nocks ref.:8375756 or 8367070)


Compatible with recurve bows from the club range.


Shaft comes with 2 year warranty (excluding consumables: flights, arrowheads, nocking points)

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 85% Carbon Fiber, 6% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 5% Stainless Steel, 4% Polycarbonate


Store away from extreme damp and heat.

User Directions

Do not use with a compound bow
Use with an appropriate target

Approved By

Straightness and stiffness (spine) of shaft measured and approved in our laboratories.


Carbon Archery Arrows for Recurve Bow Tri-Pack Club 700

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