Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter


Our engineers designed the Full Brolly for carp anglers looking for a quick set-up shelter that's compact, reliable and inconspicuous on the shore.

The brolly is ideal for carp fishing with its quick set-up and practicality. Discover our Full Brolly: a well-designed full shelter for carp anglers.


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Product benefits

Assembly time

Brolly sets up in seconds, for short or long sessions.

Compact design

Compact and lightweight (7 kg) for easy transport and storage.


Always dry! The canvas withstands showers of 200 litres per sqm per hour.


Colour and shape chosen for stealth on the shore.

Technical information


- Full Brolly: ground sheet, front panel, 4 poles, canvas tension arch, storage cover, 11 pegs, 2 rod hooks.
- Weight: 7kg
- Folded Brolly: 180*18*18 cm
- Set up Brolly: Height: 140 cm / Width: 266 cm / Depth: 185 cm
- Versatile front panel: mosquito net, window or canvas.
Fully detachable ground sheet.
- Waterproofing of canvas and seams are laboratory tested (withstands 200 litres of water per sqm per hour).
- Quick drying


The Full Brolly is the perfect companion for carp anglers looking for efficient and quick set-up. In just a few seconds the brolly reveals its large living space for both angler and equipment.

No more tedious set-ups requiring concentration and effort! Simply open your Fully Brolly like an umbrella using the central guiding bar (which can be broken down afterwards), and you've got a sturdy, inconspicuous, spacious shelter.


With a footprint of 180*18*18cm for just 7 kg, the long, thin shape of the folded brolly makes storage easy. Whether in your car, garage, room, basement, or garden shed, the Full Brolly takes up no space at all.

KEEP IN MIND: The Full Brolly's shape allows it to dry quickly and easily in any space. For drying, leave your brolly open in a dry area for several hours: it's easy, practical, and fast


The shape and colour of the Full Brolly were designed to provide you camouflage and stealth at the water's edge. What a pleasure it is to be at one with nature!

Whether out on a long session of over a week, a quick day trip in bad weather (rain and/or wind), used as an equipment storage area, or for a quick, multi-night session: it does it all!


To make sure the bivvy is reliable in absolutely any fishing conditions, the waterproofing of the Full Brolly is laboratory tested and approved using a stringent series of protocols. These tests replicate catastrophic weather conditions of 200L of water per sqm per hour. To give you a better idea, even in major storms meteorologists only very rarely get to measure rainfall of 100L per sqm per hour.

No doubt about it, you will stay dry all year round in your Full Brolly.


The structure's resistance to wind is tested in a wind tunnel. The brolly is secured to a turntable so that all sides can be tested in gale force winds. These lab tests are also verified by tests in fishing conditions.

The structure of the Full Brolly is built to resist violent winds in order to provide you with maximum comfort and safety in the majority of fishing situations.

You can sleep tight, knowing your brolly is built to withstand the gales!


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Inner fabric 100% Polyester Floor mat 100% Polyethylene Pole 100% Glass - Fiber Structure 100% Aluminium Carry bag 100% Polyester


Make sure the Full Brolly is completely dry before packing away and storing.

User Directions

Brolly shelter types often generate condensation.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter
Caperlan Full Brolly System Shelter


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