Brass Roman Bell for Dogs


Attach this bell to your dog's collar to help you locate them more easily.

This brass bell is ideal for knowing where your dog is whether it's roaming free or on a family walk. It can be attached to their collar using the ring.

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Product benefits

Audio efficiency

The bell produces a distinctive ring that can be heard at medium range.

Technical information


The Roman bell’s ring, without being too loud, is clearly audible up to medium range. It enables you to identify and locate your dog, even within dense and enclosed environments. You can also easily track it with your hearing rather than by sight. However, the range of sound also obviously depends on your sense of hearing.

Bell shape and sizes

In the shape of a ball, the bell slides over the vegetation and does not hook onto it. The lack of openings stops vegetation getting inside and muffling the sound. For this Roman bell, the higher the number, the bigger the bell. Here are the corresponding diameters: No. 3 = 25mm, No. 5 = 30mm, No. 8 = 35mm.


The ringing of the bell alerts other hunters of your dog’s presence. As it is perfectly suited to dogs that hunt woodcock in woodland or pheasants in open countryside for example, it also makes other nature lovers aware of your presence within a close perimeter.


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