The alloy bat with one-piece construction is ideal for beginners for hitting practice, offering medium weight and great balance. (for hard ball)

This lightweight aluminium bat with a larger sweet spot makes it easier to control and to hit with more strength. (for hard ball)

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Product benefits


Aluminum alloy gives the bat good flexibility,


The barrel with -6 drop achieves great balance during hitting,


The PU material keeps the grip from slipping in your hands.


The strong sustainable force of aluminium offers more durability.

Technical information


"Drop: -6,
Size: 29 and 32 inch
Weight: 23 (650g) or 26 oz(740g)
Barrel Diameter: 2 2/1 inches
Material: Alloy

Calculating the drop

The drop is the difference between the length and weight (in inches and ounces). The higher the figure and the more above zero it is,
the lighter and more manoeuvrable the bat.The lower the figure and the close to zero it is, the heavier the bat and the more power it provides.

Choosing your bat

The best length for a baseball bat is the one you feel most comfortable swinging. If you are new to the game or want to re-size yourself, follow the steps below to learn how to properly measure yourself:

1. Measure from the center of your chest to the tips of your index finger, making sure to have your arm straight out to your side.

2. Put the bat to your side and as long as your palm reaches the handle, you have the right sized bat.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bat 100% Aluminium Grip 100% Polyurethane

User Directions

Only to be used for baseball.

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