Baby Gym Foam Gross Motor Skills Set


An adaptable foam motor skills set made of several elements for doing multiple activities safely.

Create an infinite number of Baby Gym activities for jumping, balancing, aiming, and throwing. Stimulate your child's fine motor skills and autonomy.

Color: Dark petrol blue / Lime green / Dark peacock blue


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Product benefits

Helps the psychomotor development

Helps the psychomotor development

Lets children learn to jump, aim and throw, and balance.

Impact protection

Impact protection

Keeps kids safe from injuries and won't damage surroundings.



Multiple activities for children aged 1 to 6.

Breaking resistance

Breaking resistance

Confirmed by lab tests and long-term usage tests.

Technical information

Invent your own course

This set allows your child to do multiple activities to develop their motor skills. Your child can jump from hoop to hoop, learn to spin a hoop around their arm, improve their balance by walking on river stones without touching the ground, throw hoops around a cone and roll hoops along the floor. The sky's the limit to what they can do to develop their imagination and psychomotor skills.


Our set meets all current regulations on toys for children under age 3. The benefits have been approved by a psychomotor therapist

Cleaning and storage

The product should be stored flat or vertically. Clean with water. Do not use household cleaning products. Do not place heavy objects on the product.

Stages of acquisition of dynamic balance

Before age 4, kids need to learn to direct their bodies in a given direction in order to gradually narrow their movement while moving both feet side by side.
At age 4, kids can walk with one foot in front of the other, alternating them, on a support that is at least one and a half feet wide.
At age 6, kids are able to walk with one foot in front of the other, heel-to-toe, on a support that is at least the width of their foot.

Psychomotor development:

Kids' psychomotor development is based on genetics, motor skills, and psychology.
A product can influence the psychomotor development of a child if it affects their motor skills.
This motor area has several large components: body mapping, dynamic coordination, balance, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and temporal and spatial structuring.

Body mapping

Body mapping is the child's representation of their own body, which allows them to refine their control over their movements, perceive their body, and generally gain self-awareness. It is first built from sensations and actions ("felt body, active body"), before then being represented and described ("represented body," drawing a person). The more active the child is, the more they refine their body mapping and the better they can move.

Oculo-motor coordination

Oculo-motor coordination includes the actions that involve aiming with all or one part of the body: for the youngest kids, following a path, then aiming at first with large objects and large targets, with hands, feet, and then gaining in precision until they reach fine control with individual fingers: piano-playing, stringing beads, writing.

Temporo-spatial structuring

Temporo-spatial structuring includes everything that relates to the child's positioning in time (before/after, rhythmic activity, day/night, season, etc.) and in space (in front/behind, over/under, right/left, etc.)


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Foam 100% Foamed Polyethylene Packaging 100% Polyester

User Directions

Not suitable for outdoor use.

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Baby Gym Foam Gross Motor Skills Set
Baby Gym Foam Gross Motor Skills Set
Baby Gym Foam Gross Motor Skills Set
Baby Gym Foam Gross Motor Skills Set
Baby Gym Foam Gross Motor Skills Set

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