Avalanche Transceiver: Evo5


Locates avalanche and accident victims.

This model is the improved version of the EVO4, with a wider search band, much lower weight, and wrong direction alarm

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Weight = 165 g



Maximum range: 50 metres Search bandwidth: 50 metres

Compact design

Compact design

(111 x 72 x 20) mm

Parameter measurement

Parameter measurement

Automatic return to transmission mode after 8 mins

Technical information

The safety pack

Mountains are wonderful adventure playgrounds but you need to take certain precautions when exploring them:
The minimum safety pack is made up of an avalanche transceiver, a probe and a shovel. However, do not feel that you are free from all danger simply by having these three items.

Avalanche transceiver

Avalanche Transceiver:
It locates a buried skier or hiker who is wearing an avalanche transceiver in transmit mode.
You can be found by someone who is using their avalanche transceiver in search mode.

Technical features

- Group check to be done before each outing.
- Victim marking
- Wrong direction search alarm
- Interference management
- Return to automatic transmission mode after 8 mins (in the event of an avalanche)


Wear your avalanche transceiver close to your body so that it doesn't get ripped off.
Check that it is working properly before each outing.
Practise regularly.
Know when to turn back.


2 years

Product concept & technology


Remove the batteries from the device when not in use, especially out of season.

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