AIRR SOFSOLE cushioning insole

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For runners looking for comfort and cushioning.

For extra cushioning and energy return when running!

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Product benefits


With an encapsulated inner tube and polymer gel.


The top COOLMAX® surface wicks away perspiration.

Technical information

Provides cushioning for high impact sports and generates energy return

1- Gel cushion at the front
2- Air cushions
3- Anti-humidity technology
4- Anti-odour treatment

Who is SOFSOLE ?

Since it was founded in 1991, Sofsole has grown from a small line of specialised sport insoles to a global leader in a variety of footwear accessories. Sofsole manufactures insoles, socks and shoe care products to meet diverse needs: from improving everyday comfort to better performance for high impact activities. Sofsole products feature technologically advanced designs and materials.

Insole thickness

- 3.5mm at the front
- 9mm at the heel


1 year

Product concept & technology


For optimal hygiene, take the insole out to dry after use. Hand wash. Store in a dark, clean and dry place.

User Directions

Replace the original insole with the Sofsole.


AIRR SOFSOLE cushioning insole
AIRR SOFSOLE cushioning insole
AIRR SOFSOLE cushioning insole

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