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Adult's floating sailing sunglasses with polarised lenses 500 size S - white


Our designers have developed these glasses for sailing and nautical activities. Floating glasses with polarised category-3 lenses for 100% UV protection

100 % UV protection (cat.3) polarised lenses: filter out glare from the surface of the water. Practical if dropped, they float. Good coverage perfectly protects your eyes

Color: Snow white / BLACK


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Eco designed

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Product benefits


High coverage protecting against wind, water spray, and sunbeams.

Field of vision

Maintains a very good level of natural peripheral vision


The sunglasses stay in place on the face during activity

Sun protection

Grey tint category-3 lenses – 100% UV protection: ideal in sunny weather.


Polarised lenses: reduce reflections off horizontal surfaces.


Floating frame: easily find your sunglasses in the water.


The pair weighs just 31 grams


The lenses are 1.5 mm thick instead of 2 mm and are unbreakable

Technical information

A pair of glasses developed with high-level sports people

These pairs of glasses have been developed alongside the Pink Racers crew, training in the 49th FX at the Pôle France de Marseille, an elite French training centre.
From the start of the project up to the photo shoot, Mathilde LOVADINA and Léa PERNET have participated in the development of the product to find the right lens, the right coverage, the right fit, very good comfort and a design enabling you to wear these glasses for a day of training or a regatta.


This product is in size S but it is available in two sizes: a size S and a size M to cover as many different faces as possible.
Size S is suitable for narrow faces, including most women's faces and some men's faces
Size M corresponds best to medium to large faces, including most men's faces


The buoyancy has been improved so that the product floats horizontally:
- thanks to the frame material which provides low density and a very robust design,
- thanks to an air capsule moulded into each temple,
- thanks to the thickness of the lenses


Inserts with a rubber material have been added to the inside of the temples and nose. The material provides comfort and a good hold on the face, even with sweat.
The nose pads have been designed for comfort and helps air circulation to prevent them steaming up. The formation of condensation may occur in incidences of highly intense exertion and with a cold outside temperature. The temperature difference can then cause condensation.


Category 3: Lets through 8% to 18% of light (protection in sunny weather - Standard: ISO 12312-1 - CE mark). Comfort in bright sunshine

Filters 100% ANTI UV (UV A and UV B)

Polarising: 95% polarisation for maximum glare reduction.

Material: High-resistance polycarbonate plastic

Geometry: spherical – 8-base (glass curves around your face for a great fit and better side protection)


Lens tint: grey. The grey tint is excellent at rendering natural colours and reduces light intensity. It is the tint most suited to water sports.

Mirror effect: purely aesthetic. Be careful to protect your lenses from scratches, which will be more visible on these types of lenses.


Ideal in case of strong glare!
The lenses block indirect rays coming from below (from the snow, sea or sand), which produces excellent comfort. Enhances contrast and allows the wearer to see their surroundings even with a strong glare
Stray reflections are reduced to prevent the wearer from being dazzled.
Warning: with polarised lenses, it can be difficult to read screens such as phone screens. A rainbow effect appears on the screen.

Anti-UV Lens

What does anti-UV material do?
To protect your eyes from an invisible danger... UV rays.
UV rays are always there, in winter and summer, in sunny or even overcast weather and they can be harmful to your eyes and what surrounds them.
To maintain your eyesight, the lenses of our sunglasses are made from anti-UV polycarbonate which protects you from harmful sun rays (UVA and UVB).


Our lenses are 1.5 mm polycarbonate, a highly resistant material but the major drawback is that it is susceptible to scratches.
Be aware that even if your lenses are scratched, the UV protection is not reduced, the mirror effect is purely aesthetic.
The same goes for the colour of the sun lenses.
Whether they be grey, brown or coloured... you can choose your glasses according to your preferences, you will be protected regardless of the colour.


Classification of tinted lenses according to the ISO 12312-1 standard:
- Category 1: lightly tinted lens for low brightness.
- Category 2: moderately tinted lens for medium brightness.
- Category 3: dark lens for strong sunlight (sea and mountains). Between 82% and 92% of visible light absorbed
- Category 4: very dark lens, for extremely bright sunlight (high mountains). Between 92% and 97% of visible light absorbed


Our product is ecologically designed thanks to the work led to limit the thickness of the lens without affecting the solidity or quality of vision.
By using a 1.5 mm lens instead of 2 mm (thickness normally used for sunglasses), we have reduced the CO2 impact of this model by 10%.
We continue to work so that our CO2 impact continues to go down in order to limit their environmental impact as much as possible.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Frame 70% Polyamide 11, 30% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene Lens 100% Polycarbonate


The quality of your vision depends on the proper care of your glasses.
The case is not mere luxury! Stored in their case, your sunglasses are protected from scratches, impacts and being crushed.

User Directions

Polarised lenses may affect screen readability.


All of our sports sunglasses are tested in our DECATHLON laboratories in the real conditions of use for which they were designed. The design teams, product managers, engineers and designers make sure that our sports sunglasses fully correspond to their use in real-life conditions.

Approved By

These sunglasses comply with the ISO 12312-1 standard. They have been tested by our sporting sailing partners and by Pink Racers who are training at the pôle France de Marseille, an elite French training centre.

Maintenance advice

Avoid paper towels that contain silicone, as it may scratch your glasses. Be also wary of household cleaners such as disinfectants and acetone, which could damage your lenses and treatments..


Adult's floating sailing sunglasses with polarised lenses 500 size S - white
Adult's floating sailing sunglasses with polarised lenses 500 size S - white
Adult's floating sailing sunglasses with polarised lenses 500 size S - white
Adult's floating sailing sunglasses with polarised lenses 500 size S - white


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