Adult Men's 3x90mm Powerslide Inline Skates - Black/Red


Designed for intermediate skaters looking for more speed while conserving manoeuvrability and comfort.

Have fun: make an entrance on the 3-wheel scene.

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Product benefits

Fitting comfort

Softboot with built-in liner and polyurethane supports. EVA sole

Glide quality

90mm Powerslide Infinity Wheels with 85A hardness and WCD ABEC 5 ball bearings.


Plastic composite reinforced with fibreglass, triple fastening system.


Comes with "HABS" height-adjustable brake. Adjustable "Trinity" frame.

Technical information

What is the benefit of 3 wheels?

A 3-wheeled frame ensures excellent glide performance thanks to the 3 large wheels, whilst maintaining good manoeuvrability (short distance between the front and rear wheel). Also allows you to significantly lower your centre of gravity (and thus stability) as the wheels are no longer under the lowest part of the plastic shell (under the first toe joint). The Powerslide Trinity assembly also saves several precious millimetres.


Elite Trinity poured aluminium frame, attached at 3 offset points to reduce the centre of gravity and vibrations, and optimise stability and power transfer. Distance between axles: 231mm (9.1"). Simple 8mm hex axles.
Left/right and front/rear adjustable frame. Max wheel = 100mm.

Wheels & bearings

90mm fitness-shaped Infinity wheels with 85A hardness, and Powerslide WCD ABEC 5 bearings.

How can you maintain/repair your skates?

You can replace parts or repair your skates using the after-sales parts available in store, online and at your local Decathlon store's workshop.
The parts you can change are 100mm max wheels, ABEC 5 or greater bearings. The brake stoppers fit both the left and right foot.

How can you make your skates last longer?

To extend the lifespan of your skates after skating through water, dust or sand, take the wheels off, dry them and degrease the bearings with a dry cloth.
Find our advice and tutorials on our YouTube channel:

How can you make the wheels last longer?

It's normal to switch your wheels around because they don't wear out evenly. The reason? We often skate with our feet sloping slightly inwards when we push off and turn.
If you want to stop them wearing out, switch your wheels around (in pairs).

What is the maximum weight supported by these Phuzion Radon skates?

The skates meet the EN 13843 class A standard (adult inline skate standard). This standard applies to "Roller sports equipment - inline skates" designed for a person weighing between 20kg and 100kg. This European standard defines the safety requirements and the specifications for the test methods, markings, and information provided by the manufacturer, with the aim of reducing the risk of injury.


2 years excluding wear parts (brake pad, wheels and bearings).

Product concept & technology


We recommend you keep your inline skates in a dry, cool place. After use do not dry near a naked flame or in direct contact with a heat source.

User Directions

Not designed for roller hockey or aggressive inline skating.

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