Adult Inline Skate Brake Pad FIT100 / FIT 500 / MF500 MF900 Single-Pack


This brake was designed to provide intermediate users of the FIT500, FIT100 and MF900 inline skates with effective braking.

Get back optimal braking for your Oxelo FIT100/500 MF900 inline skates!

Color: BLACK


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Product benefits



Suitable for the left or right foot on the FIT500, FIT100, MF900 inline skates.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Only 1 screw, accessible without removing wheels.

Technical information

FIT 100/500 Brake: 1 shape, 2 solutions.

Depending on your skill level and needs, you can try the beginner FIT brake or the intermediate FIT brake.They have the same shape so they fit on both the FIT100, FIT500 and MF900 inline skates, but their rubbers are different to provide 2 different solutions that meet the needs of each: the beginner FIT brake provide easy, efficient braking while the intermediate FIT brake is designed for experienced users that need efficient braking and good resistance to wear.


For Oxelo FIT500, FIT100, and MF900 adult inline skates.

Can be mounted on either foot (you will also need to switch foot for the brake support as well).


It's really quite simple: unscrew the worn brake, put on the new one, screw the brake on... and you're done!

When should you replace your brake pad?

Change the front brake pad before the wear line is reached.

Already have your tools?

Why aren't there any tools in this kit for fitting the grips?
For the same reason we offer spare parts: repair rather than throwing away, by providing the necessary parts at the best price. A more ecologically responsible attitude, focused on the long term.
It's one of our commitments and that's why we don't want to add single use tools to every pack of spare parts.


The brake is a wearing part, not under guarantee (except hidden defect).

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