Adjustable 1 kg Soft Fitness Dumbbells ToneSoftBell Two-Pack - Burgundy

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With these soft dumbbells that attach to your ankles and wrists, you can keep your hands free during strength training workouts.

Pump up your training with soft dumbbells. Customize your weights (1 or 2*250 g, either 250 g or 500 g per dumbbell) to your needs: Pilates, Pilates toning, active walking, etc.



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Product benefits



You get to choose: attach them to your wrists, ankles, or both!



Adjust the weight to the workout: 1 or 2*250g, either 250g or 500g per dumbbell.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Our dumbbells are hand wash or delicate wash only: goodbye odour!

Technical information

How much weight should you use?

Our pair of soft dumbbells 1 or 2*250 g (either 250 g or 500 g per dumbbell) are suitable for upper body training and athletes that are starting out in strength training.
Our pair of soft dumbbells 1 or 2*500 g (either 500 g or 1 kg per dumbbell) is better suited for lower body training sessions and athletes that train regularly.
If you're unsure, we recommend opting for the lower weight to guarantee you can do the exercises properly


Of course, we can give you some ideas! You can copy/paste the following link into your web browser:$dde6bb8de5c56760321801930ae8c2e6/DOMYOS%20TONESOFTBELL2%200%20250%20%20%201KG.jpg

It is a free poster that you can download on your smartphone or print. Developed in collaboration with qualified sports coaches, this poster features exercises you can easily do with your dumbbells.


When training, you have the choice between dynamic and static movements (where the feet do not move).
Both practical and adjustable, these soft dumbbells for ankles and wrists are perfect for dynamic movements like leg extensions.
As for static movements like squats or lateral arm raises, dumbbells are recommended. They are easy to hold in hand and will help you stay balanced.

What does "getting toned" mean?

A toning centric workout focuses on firming your muscles. In other words, by doing exercises that use your muscles (with or without weight), you tone and grow them.
As designers of fitness equipment and as athletes ourselves, we strongly encourage you to get toned as it can help you feel better in your body and make it easier for you to navigate the world in your daily life: because muscled arms can always carry more grocery bags! ;)

Who can get toned?

Great news: everyone can get toned, no matter their age (begin happy dance!).That's because this type of training can be adapted to everyone. You just adjust the weight you're using, the number of reps, or even the intensity and frequency of your training. Plus, you can easily train at home.
Muscle toning is right at your finger tips!


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Filling 60% Iron, 40% Sand Main fabric 100% Polyester


After using your soft dumbbells, remember to close their velcro and store them in a dry spot (not outdoors).


We conduct numerous tests to validate our soft dumbbells and guarantee their qualities.
We test the product's resistance to wear, tearing and washing in the lab and in real conditions. The components (fabric, mesh, buckles, straps, rip-tab, etc.) are also tested separately.

Approved By

"Great product - it fits my wrists and ankles perfectly." Claudine, a fan of our soft dumbbells.

Maintenance advice

Hand wash

Hand wash

Do not bleach

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

Do not dry-clean

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Adjustable 1 kg Soft Fitness Dumbbells ToneSoftBell Two-Pack - Burgundy
Adjustable 1 kg Soft Fitness Dumbbells ToneSoftBell Two-Pack - Burgundy
Adjustable 1 kg Soft Fitness Dumbbells ToneSoftBell Two-Pack - Burgundy
Adjustable 1 kg Soft Fitness Dumbbells ToneSoftBell Two-Pack - Burgundy


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