80 mm 86A Freeride Inline Skating Wheels 4-Pack - White


These wheels have been designed to provide the manoeuvrability and responsiveness needed for skating in urban environments.

The wheel's freeride profile ensures a better manoeuvrability and reactivity.Compatible: MF500, FIT500, FIT5 junior (sizes 2½/5 & 5/7½)

Color: Snow white


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Product benefits

Glide quality

Glide quality

Freeride profile and 86A hardness: good speed/manoeuvrability compromise.



Rounded profile and very hard, for freeriding and roller hockey.

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance

Thanks to its PU bushings and higher 86A hardness.

Technical information

80 mm in diameter

The bigger the wheel, the more speed after take-off.
The smaller the wheel, the more manoeuvrable and responsive it is.

Wheel profile

Round "freeride" profile designed for skating practices where reactivity and manoeuvrability are needed, such as roller hockey, slalom, or freeride.

86A hardness (shore).

"Hard" rubber for a good compromise between abrasion resistance and bounce.

Compatible with Oxelo skates

Wheels adapt to all skates accepting 80mm wheels (Oxelo: FIT500, FIT100, FIT 5 Jr, Fit 5, Sneak-In, Freeride SB5, Freeride MF500)

Care advice

Swap your wheels around regularly so that they wear down evenly.


2 years

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