3 person blackout pop-up tent - 2 Seconds Fresh & Black


A surprise weekend? Our designers have spent time designing this three-person tent so that you can pitch it in a few minutes. It offers guaranteed mobility.

Give yourself comfort, spacious rooms and good height. Leave your bags in the entrance without worrying about damp, thanks to the porch. And the guided folding system gives convenience as you leave.

Color: Snow white


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Product benefits

Easy assembly / dismantling

Free-standing structure. 2 Seconds pitching system. Guided folding system.


180 x 210 cm bedroom. Max. useful height: 104cm.

Easy transport

Dimensions of the bag: Ø77x10 cm / 46.6 L. Weight: 4.2 kg.

Heat reduction

Flysheet, mechanical air vents, Fresh & Black fabric for a good night's sleep.


FRESH & BLACK patented exterior fabric: 99% darkness even in broad daylight.

Wind resistance

Resists winds of 50km/h (Force 6): validated in wind tunnels on rotating plate.


Waterproofing (Schmerber): Flysheet > 2000 mm. Groundsheet > 2400 mm rating.


Spare parts available online or from your Decathlon workshop.

Technical information

The Fresh & Black technology keeps the inside of your tent cooler and darker

Cooler and darker for better sleep!
Fresh & Black is a technology patented by Decathlon that allows us to reflect the sun's rays and insulate from the light thanks to specific materials.
This reduces the sensation of heat in the tent and makes it darker.
To get the most out of this technology, don't forget to ventilate your tent at night!

Pitching and striking the tent

Quick pitching.
The tent is free-standing: you can place it wherever you want once it has been deployed in order to choose the best location.
When there is no wind, you do not have to anchor it with tent pegs.
This tent is easy to fold away using the guiding system.

Mattress compatibility

Recommended tent with a self-inflating mattress or trekking mattress up to 60 cm wide.
We do not recommend using inflatable mattresses, that are more than 6 cm thick, in this tent.
Indeed, this greatly reduces the volume inside the tent and increases condensation inside.

Ventilation of the tent

So that air can flow and be replaced between the bedroom and the flysheet, and eliminate the natural condensation as much as possible, the tent has 2 side panels that can be pulled apart and fastened with guy lines at the side (opened from the inside).​
The entire rear sleeping area flysheet can also be lifted from the inside by pulling on a rope.

Waterproofing of the tent

All our tents are validated in the laboratory and in the field to guarantee the waterproofing.
To do this, we put the entire tent under a 200 L/h shower for 3 hours.
The flysheet is made of 2000mm Schmerber PU-coated polyester and the groundsheet is made of 120g/m² polyethylene. All the seams are sealed with thermobonded tape.

Wind resistance

We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each side to the wind. A properly pitched tent with all the guy ropes properly positioned around the tent should remain habitable in wind speeds of up to 50 km/h measured near ground level (Force 6).

What does my product contain?

- 1 pre-assembled chamber
- 1 waterproof flysheet
- 9 pegs
- 5 guy ropes
- 1 cover


Mindful of the need to take action to preserve our playing fields, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our products.
Given the significant impact of dyeing, we chose to use greige on the flysheet of this tent.
Greige means that the fabric is not dyed and is in its raw state.
It is a first step towards a more responsible design and we are working to make it 100% eco-designed by 2026.

Warranty of your tent:

This camping tent was designed for occasional outdoor use (4 weeks per year) during your camping trips or in the countryside.
Continuous exposure to UV light over a period of several weeks can damage its textile part.
Our tents do not belong to the category of "garden furniture" and are not designed to be kept outdoors permanently.
To maximise the lifetime of your tent, it's important to store it properly when it is not being used.
3-year guarantee.

Don't throw away, repair!

Our tents are great for camping at night.
Over time, they age and some parts may wear out or break.
To facilitate repairs, we keep a stock of parts (tent poles, flysheets, bedrooms, etc.) so that they can be easily replaced. Don't throw away, repair !

Product design: our expertise

Our Quechua global design centre is based in Passy, at the foot of Mont-Blanc in Haute Savoie.
This location is a place where our teams (designers, product managers, engineers, etc.) can meet with outdoor sports enthusiasts.
A significant advantage for designing high-quality products and giving you access to all our expertise.

Where do our tents come from?

Created in our international design centre at the foot of the Mont Blanc in France, this tent is then manufactured and assembled by our suppliers in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.
These are partners that have genuine expertise in making our tents and with whom we are in close collaboration.
Thanks to this relationship of trust with our industrial partners, we can create high-quality technical products.

Working conditions in our production workshops

We guarantee that our suppliers comply with our code of conduct. These suppliers are often located in developing countries where our presence helps to create jobs.
By conducting audits and having teams on site, we make sure that the working environment of the employees meets certain quality standards in terms of human respect, personal fulfilment and environmental protection.


REPAIRS: All our tents can be repaired in the workshop of your local Decathlon store.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Double roof 100% Polyester Inner fabric 100% Polyester Floor mat 100% Polyethylene Pole 100% Glass - Fiber Carry bag 100% Polyester


Storage: after use or cleaning, wait until the tent is perfectly dry before putting it away in order to avoid bad smells and mould.

User Directions

Sleeping width: max. 60 cm per person.


Our partner laboratories, as well as our own, contribute to the innovation and development of our Quechua tents.
Extensive analysis and experience allow us to guarantee the technical nature of these products (wind resistance, waterproofing, durability).

Approved By

To meet your requirements, Quechua tents are tested in the conditions that you may encounter during your nights in camping or in the wilderness.
Our teams, plus a tester panel (made up of partners, ambassadors and customers), test products throughout their development until they go to market.
This allows us to guarantee a high-quality tent.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean


3 person blackout pop-up tent - 2 Seconds Fresh & Black
3 person blackout pop-up tent - 2 Seconds Fresh & Black
3 person blackout pop-up tent - 2 Seconds Fresh & Black


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