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15 Character Embroidered Text (A4 max)

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Make your sports kit unique by having it embroidered! You can have your polo shirt, fleece, saddle pad, uniform, down jacket, robe and more embroidered

Make your personalised kit stand out by having it embroidered! Any embroidered pattern instantly gives a premium look. With these colourful threads, your personalised product is sure to stand out!

Legal conditions

Technical information

Standard thread colours available

- White
- Black
- Gold
- Silver
- Fuchsia
- Violet
- Purple
- Turquoise
- Dark green
- Brown
- Red
- Beige
- Pink
- Royal blue
- Apple green
- Orange
- Sky blue
- Grey

Types of customisable product

- Fleece
- Down jacket
- Saddle pad
- Cotton robe
- Uniform
- Uniform belt
- Cordura dog collar
- Polo shirt

Character limit

Text limited to 15 characters (A4 size maximum)

Technical costs

You won't be charged any technical costs for reproducing a text