140 Velvet Horse Riding Helmet - Black


Our equestrian designers developed this helmet for private riders! The helmet complies with EN1384:2017 + PAS 015:2011 but not suitable for riding in clubs.

Our 140 horse riding helmet is essential for private riders. With its velvet covering, it guarantees a traditional look! Complies with EN1384:2017 + PAS 015:2011 but not suitable for riding in clubs.

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Product benefits

Impact protection

Helmet that complies with EN1384:2017 + PAS 015:2011.


Adjustable nylon harness with 2 slip buckles (nape and chin).

User comfort

Helmet that adapts to your head size.

Technical information


Helmet that complies with EN1384:2017 + PAS 015:2011.


52 to 59.

Choosing your helmet:

We recommend measuring your head circumference and trying on several sizes to find the one that fits best.

It is essential that your helmet is the right size and that it fits well. For children, never buy a helmet that is too big on the assumption that they will grow.

Adjusting the helmet:

For optimal protection, the helmet should fit snugly without being too tight. When the harness and strap are properly adjusted, the helmet should not slide forward, back, or from side to side.
The riding helmet's strap should pass beneath your jaw, rather than over the chin. It should be tight enough to stop the helmet rocking around, but it shouldn't choke you.

Shock absorption:

This helmet was designed to absorb some of the energy of an impact by
causing the shell or protective material to become partially deformed.

A helmet reduces the severity of head injuries. The protection your riding helmet offers depends on the accident in question, as wearing a helmet does not always prevent death or long-term injury.

Light weight:

490 g (Size 57).

Use instructions:

For your safety, read the instructions carefully before using your helmet.

This helmet is designed exclusively for equestrian sports.
It should not be used for other activities such as motorsports, skate sports, aerial sports, etc.

Care and storage advice:

Wipe the outside clean with a cloth.
The use of solvents and other aggressive products could affect the helmet's performance.
Removable interior foam pads that should be hand washed in cold water.
For storage and transport, a fabric bag will protect it from dirt, scratches and light.


We recommend replacing your helmet five years after its manufacture date (which is shown on the label) if your helmet has never suffered an impact and has been stored according to the instructions.

Damage may not be visible, and so any helmet that has suffered an impact must be replaced.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main lining 100% EPP - Expanded Polypropylene Shell 100% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Webbing 100% Polyamide Buckles 100% Polyoxymethylene Foam 100% Polyurethane


Store away from heat sources such as heating appliances or the parcel shelf of a car in the sun, as this can degrade the protective performance of the polystyrene padding.

User Directions



Tested in an independent laboratory in compliance with current regulations.

Approved By

Certification organisation No. 2008, Dolomiticert scarl Test PAS015:2011 / BSI GROUP

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