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When it comes to being active, taking care of yourself is vital. Our Nutrition and Body Care brand Aptonia provides everything you need to look after your body, before, during, and after sport. From nutritional supplements to recovery and rehabilitation essentials, discover a range that will leave you feeling better about your active pursuits, whatever they are.
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Take care of your body and it'll take care of you

Here at Decathlon our sports nutrition range is a key component in achieving your fitness goals. Whatever range of sporting activities or exercises you like to undertake, no matter how relaxed or strenuous your regime, it’s vital to be well-fuelled and quickly refuelled as you go for it. Our range of terrific protein shakes and shakers, energy drinks, gels and bars have the science of nutrition behind them as they back up your determination and keep those vital energy levels high.

If you’re going for the burn, or just for a morning run, pounding out lengths in the pool or repetitions in the gym, getting ready for action on the pitch or court, let our protein and energy products help you achieve. Shop the latest sports nutrition range at Decathlon.

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