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Return policy

Terms of sale

This item is sold through a trusted Decathlon Marketplace seller. Please be aware of their unique terms of service.
Return fees

In the case of a return of a product due to a customer no longer requiring them, this must be advised within the 14 day period.

Refund modality

In the case of a refund this will be returned to the customer within 7 days of the acceptance being confirmed.

Return modality

A request for return should be notified to our Sales Office prior to shipment back to us. In the case of a return of a product due to a customer no longer requiring them, this must be advised within the 14 day period. Returns will only be credited provided that they are received back in a saleable condition. If the packaging has been opened and the product used or effected in some way then a credit will not be available. In the case of a damaged or faulty product discussions should take place with the Sales Office prior to the return of the item. At this point if there is the option of supplying a replacement part this will be sent to the customer with no charges. If a replacement part is unsuitable a full exchange of the item will take place. All returns should be sent to the address below: UK Sports Supplies Westerby Road Middlesbrough TS3 8TD

Guarantee modality

Table tennis tables Butterfly table tennis tables are guaranteed for a period of 10 years for outdoor tables and 3 years for indoor table. This covers all component parts except for wheels, net and post sets and, where supplied, bats and balls. The guarantee is limited to defective parts and components and is not applicable in case of damage caused by normal wear and tear, incorrect assembly, lack of maintenance or where the guidelines have not been followed correctly or if the table collapses in strong winds in the folded position or other external factors no related to the quality of the table. For all warranty claims please send details to the contact information below within 5 days. Photographic evidence would be helpful in some cases. Details of your order are required in order for us to assess your claim. Table tennis bats and balls Butterfly table tennis bats are guaranteed for 2 years for manufacturing faults. Non-Butterfly bats and all balls do not carry a guarantee but in the case of manufacturing faults they will be considered on a case by case basis. Basketballs, netballs, baseballs, softball and gymnastic mats. There is no guarantee for these items. Claims with regard to manufacturing faults will be considered on a case by case basis. VICTOR badminton rackets Victor badminton rackets have a guarantee for 2 years against any manufacturing faults. There is no guarantee when the racket has been damaged by misuse and no claims are accepted relating to the strings.

Carriers delivery times

Except as listed below, our orders are generally despatched within 24 hours although please allow for despatch within 48 hours of receipt of the order i.e. if the order is received by us on a Monday it would normally be despatched on a Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. With regard to table tennis and games tables, your table will be despatched to our carrier within 24 hours. Our carrier will then contact the customer to establish the preferred day of delivery and will make the required arrangements to deliver on the selected day. The carriers crew will also contact the customer prior to the delivery on the selected day. The delivery would normally take a minimum of four days from the receipt of order. The customer will be contacted by the carrier to confirm delivery both prior to delivery and when the table is en route.