THYSOL UK is a leading supplier, wholesaler and educational leader of kinesiology tape and fascia release products. THYSOL UK offers a total fascia related concept, with high quality fascia massage tools, various kinesiology tape products and educational courses distributed via our close connected partners in the local markets.
THYSOL UKCompany # GB407096501000
The Performance Zone 9XZ
RH13 West Sussex
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Terms of sale

This item is sold through a trusted Decathlon Marketplace seller. Please be aware of their unique terms of service.
Refund modality

All products must be in original packaging and undamaged when returned.

Return modality

For returns, please contact us so we can provide you with a returns label. You can write us at [email protected] with your order number.

Guarantee modality

30 days after receiving the package

Carriers delivery times

All products are shipped via Royal Mail 48. Orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day. Royal Mail delivers within 2-3 working days.