Decathlon Second Life


Too much is thrown away these days, instead of repaired or reused. So we’ve made it our business to reduce our impact on the planet and breathe a second life into lightly marked sports equipment. Decathlon Second Life is one of our sustainability initiatives that we hope will inspire positive change for the planet and its people. Together we can recycle, repair and reuse more products and prevent unwanted products from going to waste. Every one of our Second Life Products has either been marked or used, which despite being in excellent working order, means we cannot sell them as new. With our dedication to sustainability, we see no reason why these items can’t still be enjoyed by a whole range of sports lovers. Our team of experts fully refurbishes every Second Life product, so we can then offer them to you at prices that are even kinder to your pocket. We hope that through Decathlon Second life, we can both make sport accessible to all while significantly lowering our waste and emissions, which will help reduce our environmental impact and protect our planet for future generations. Give a product a second life.

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Who is my seller ? : Decathlon UK Ltd.
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