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Designed for the advanced downhill skier looking for a lightweight boot to perfect their technique. Very light, this boot is easy to put on and enhances your comfort, thanks to Lyt and Formfit technologies. 100% thermoformable, its liners can adapt to the shape of your foot.

Technical Information


The Head Edge LYT 110 boot provides the perfect balance between comfort, control and lightness. Equipped with the new SmartFrame construction, it is now 20% lighter than the previous generation. This structure also provides a dynamic rebound effect that optimises the performance of advanced skiers. The Thermaloft technology incorporated in the liner guarantees optimum thermal insulation.


This boot is equipped with 4 extremely robust aluminium micro-metric hooks. You can adjust the length of the buckle by tightening or loosening the hook. The top hook has 3 positions for every calf size. A wide adjustment strap at the top of the upper provides powerful and easy tightening of the top of the shell.

What is FLEX?

To provide an indication of rigidity, brands assign a flex rating to every boot. This figure determines the rigidity of the boot: the higher its value, the stiffer the shell. A 60 to 70 flex is designed for beginner level skiers. A flex from 70 to 100 is for intermediate skiers. Beyond this value, the products are aimed at advanced skiers. Well-built skiers can go up one level.

How do you adjust your Flex?

The Head Edge's LYT boot features Flex adjustment. It adjusts to the back of your boot using the Allen key provided. To do this, simply turn it anti-clockwise to make your boot more forgiving, and clockwise to make it more rigid. Be sure to always use the same setting on both boots.

How do you know if the boot that you are trying on is the right size?

Once your foot is in the boot, fasten the buckles to the midpoint. Can you go further? This means the boot size isn't right for you. Once you've fastened your boots, you need to flex 3 times while pushing your calves forward (put your hands on your knees), which will push your heel back into the boot. Stand up: your foot should touch the end of the shell. When you flex, your foot should move backwards so you can no longer feel the end.

What should you do if you experience foot pain?

1- Choose a technical ski sock that's thin so it prevents pressure points and promotes blood circulation in the foot.
2- Choose a sole adapted to the shape of your foot to prevent it from being squashed and pressing against the shell. Ask a store assistant for advice.
3- If after two days of skiing, you still feel some discomfort, thermoform your liner.

Is my liner thermoformable, and what is thermoforming for?

The liner of the Head Edge LYT 110 boot consists of 100% thermoformable foam, which can heat up to mould to the shape of your feet and the shell of the boot. This reinforces the foot-liner-shell compatibility, thereby reducing the points of discomfort.

How should you store your ski boots?

1- Ventilate your boots by removing the liner that is inside the plastic shells.
2- Fasten the hooks at the first notch to prevent the boots from becoming deformed and, if possible, store them in a boot bag.
3- If possible, store them in a dry place where the temperature will not drop below 10°C. The plastic of the boot will thank you!

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Composition / advice

Care instructions: Dry after each usage.
Stock advice Dry your boots before putting them away. Store them with the hooks closed in a ski boot bag and in a warm room.
Restricted use : Do not dry on a radiator.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Rigidity High: Flex 110. Provides good rigidity for very good skiers.
Fit 102mm: standard foot. Liner with very good ankle bone/heel support.
Anatomic design Preformed liner, 100% thermoformable.
Adjustable 4 micro-metric buckles, 2 with lever arms. Strap 40mm. Adjustable flex.
Ease of use Lyt Tech Technology: easier entry thanks to the minimised collar.
Fitting comfort Formfit Technology: Perfect adjustment for improved control.
Warmth Primaloft Technology:lightweight breathable component providing thermoregulation
Grip Dual-density notched outsole for better grip.

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