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WEDZE Women's Versatile Snowboard Boots MAOKE 300 - Grey

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Designed for advanced snowboarders looking for boots offering good foot support for moving fast on all types of terrain. These Wed’ze women’s snowboard boots have powerful tightening at the bottom of the boot, and they have a wheel and cable for superior foot support.
  • Rip-tab at the top of the boot for holding the shin perfectly in place
  • Thermoformable liner
  • Good grip on snow

Technical Information

A word from the product manager

We have redesigned this boot for the 2017-2018 season by improving its support and clamping system: addition of a rip-tab on the tibia to eliminate the gap between the tibia and the tongue and to concentrate lace tightening on the instep.
We always listen to our customers' feedback, and for this 2018/19 winter season we decided to adjust the position of the boot's loops to better support the foot.

Fast Lock 2-zone tightening system

The easy tightening of this boot comes from a remark by a snowboard instructor: "we have to do away with traditional laces that need to be tied up, I spend too much time beginning my lessons by tightening my clients' laces"
1. Quick and powerful tightening concentrated at the instep to support the foot.
2. A rip-tab on the tibia to eliminate the gap between the tibia and the tongue.

Boot flex/stiffness

Supple flex is something we strive to achieve. It is comfortable to use, reduces physical fatigue and allows you to fully enjoy your day on the snow. It also has the advantage of helping the beginner to adopt the right position on the board: ankles bent to avoid having stiff legs. You have to react quickly when you're snowboarding so it's important to bend the knees. Starting with a boot that’s too stiff is a bad thing.

Heel support: level 1 liner

Foot support is essential when snowboarding, to be able to correctly steer your board (foot in the liner, and liner in the boot). The level 1 liner applies 4 concepts:
1. liner that can be thermoformed at home
2. "Comfort Heel Pad" foam ankle pads
3. "3-point" liner tightening
4. "Hook & Loop Link" between the liner and boot

1. Thermoforming the liner by yourself / WARNING


1. Thermoforming the liner by yourself / INSTRUCTIONS

1. Preheat the oven to 80°C on fan mode
2. Remove the inner soles of the liners, place the liners on the oven plate with some greaseproof baking paper
3. Wait 15 min
4. Put the hygiene insoles back, put on a pair of ski/snowboard socks, put the liners on your feet and tighten them fully.
5. Put the boots on and tighten fully
5. Wait 15 minutes, standing still
This operation can be repeated.

2. "Heel Pad Comfort" malleolus foam

Ankle foams fill the anatomical hollow under and behind the ankle to wedge the heel in place.
The level 1 liner has ankle foams 10 mm thick, mono-material, fairly soft.
The aim is to offer support to the heel-foot to match the level of the boot. In fact, the faster you go, the more energy you bring into play, and the more support you need for your foot.
Comfort Foam meets this objective by providing maximum comfort for all.

3. "3-point" liner tightening

3-point tightening (instead of 4 points) brings 2 real benefits:
- support: it supports the heel very nicely because there is less friction from the laces and maximum effort is transmitted to the 3rd and final tightening point located at the ankle for maximum support
- warmth: not having a 4th tightening point at the instep helps with blood circulation to the toes. This keeps the toes warm.

4. "Hook & Loop Link" between the liner and boot

We added a rip-tab on the back between the liner and the boot.
The aim? To stop the liner slipping inside the boot to help you better control your board, because it’s not enough just to hold your foot in the liner: if the liner moves in the boot, you’ll be less able to control your board properly.


The insole of this boot is flat. It provides comfort and thermal insulation.
To wedge the foot in the liner more effectively, only if you feel the need, 2 options are available to you:
- to get a sole pre-formed at the arch and heel area
- get a sole that can be thermoformed to suit your foot. This is the most effective solution.

Sole: grip, adhesion, cushioning and thermal insulation

Our Ultralight sole is only made of EVA.
EVA is a very light material made of 80% air. This formulation is designed to resist abrasion while retaining its cushioning properties. It is naturally very insulating and protects you against the cold coming up from the ground.
We designed large studs to provide you with very good grip. Sufficiently far apart from each other, they help get rid of the snow.

How can I be sure it's the right size?

1. Put the boot on
2.Tighten the boot
3. Stand upright
4. Your big toes should just touch the tip of the boot without causing unpleasant pressure
5. Bend your legs forward, your big toes move backwards and no longer touch the end of the boot.

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Composition / advice

Upper of
100.00% Polyester
Outer sole of
100.00% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Lining and sock of
100.00% Polyester
Warm lining
100.00% Polyester
Care instructions: To clean with a wet cloth.
Washing instructions
Stock advice At the end of the day, remove the liner from the upper to help with ventilation for quick drying. Also remove the liner’s inner sole for perfect drying overnight.
Restricted use : increased support/comfort = can be thermoformed, see our website
Legal notice This product is designed for snowboarding. You may exceed the technical capacities of this product if you use it for any other purpose. We strongly recommend wearing a helmet, back protector and protective shorts to enjoy your sport to the full.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Fit Foam heel wedge 10 mm: comfort and good foot support at moderate speed.
Easy opening / closing Fast Lock 2 zones: fast tightening on the instep and tibial rip-tab.
Thermal insulation EVA outsole, 80% air to insulate you from the cold coming from the ground.
Rigidity Supple flex (3/10) to forgive mistakes and improve comfort.
Fitting comfort Easy to pull on. Flexible foam: maximum comfort. Heat-moulding liner.
Traction Ultralight outsole with large studs for good grip on all types of snow
Cushioning Ultralight sole in EVA, 80% air for lightness and cushioning.

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