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ROSSIGNOL Beginner Freeride Ski Pack Smash 7 - Rossignol

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Designed for beginner freeriders, 50% off-piste, 30% piste and 20% snow park. Its twin-tip shape is even suited to trying out some jumps and tricks. Smash 7s are simply the perfect skis for any freerider in the making. Everything becomes easier. Piste, off-piste, snowpark: no need for lots of technical features to have fun.

Technical Information


Wood core combined with layers of fibreglass. Rigid and resistant topsheet for better durability.


Look bindings, Xpress 10 model.
Din 3 to 10.
Suitable for boots between 260mm and 380mm long


Reinforced topsheet.


Ready-to-use waxed and sharpened skis. Edges sharpened at 89°.

What is a camber?

When placing a ski on the ground, its points of contact are found near the nose and tail, whereas the middle of the ski (under the bindings) is slightly raised (this is the camber). The longer and higher the camber, the greater the edge grip and more responsive the ski. A ski with a lower camber is more forgiving and manoeuvrable.

What is a rocker?

On a "rocker" ski, the nose, and sometimes the tail, comes off the ground much sooner than with a cambered ski. This moves the points of contact towards the centre of the ski. The surface of the ski in contact with the snow is shortened: they have better handling and more floatation on soft snow. When leaning into turns, the edge length offers more edge grip on hard snow. The longer the rocker, the better the handling of the ski.


The sidecuts have 3 measurements, the width of the nose(front of ski), the waist (middle of ski) and the tail (back of ski). The wider the nose, the more easily the ski enters turns. The slimmer the waist, the more edge grip the ski has on hard snow. The wider the waist, the more comfortable and stable the ski is in changing snow conditions. The wider the tail, the more stable the ski will be in turns. The slimmer the tail, the easier it is to side-slip.


119/92/109 in 170cm
Radius: 23m in 170cm
Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker

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Composition / advice

Care instructions: Dry in a dry and ventilated place.
Stock advice Leaving a layer of wax under your skis at the end of the season keeps the base free from dust and your edges free from moisture.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Versatility 50% off-piste / 30% piste / 20% snowpark Very comfortable when side-slipping.
Ease of handling Its relatively straight shape makes it very manoeuvrable in all types of snow
Buoyancy Its 92 mm waist width & double rocker help you float on top of the powder snow.
Stability For beginner freeriders, its waist width gives it good stability in powder
Traction The Smash 7 is easy to control when side-slipping. It prefers soft snow.

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